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gojimsp's New Ho


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October 28, 2010
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Bothell, WA
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'94 Navajo
First let me say Thank You to everyone who contributes to these forums - truly an awesome resource!!

Last October (when the divorce became final) I purchased a 1994 Mazda Navajo with the intent of making a fun weekend trail rig. I had never owned an HO or Ex before but have some friend who do. It's probably them I can blame for the increasing black hole that has formed in my garage ... But in the end I have no one to blame but myself :p:

I have met several users on this forum over the past few years by tagging along with Ricky8587, Dwight and Albino on their weekend adventures. Some trips I have taken my Honda Ridgeline until the second sidewall mishap (without a full size spare) when I decided I needed something a bit more capable. I have hopefully relegated the Honda to the daily driver mission having cleaned and buffed out the past trail rash (nothing too serious).

Now comes the HO - purchased off Craig's list for $1200 it has 180k miles on it. I probably haven't put more the 100 miles on since I got it (some would say it's been sitting in the garage tooo long but with work, family and life the process has not been as fast as hopped ... :rolleyes:). Many hours were spent cleaning the filthy pig (Ricky8587 can attest, he was there when I purchased it) inside and out.

After more than a few hours reading this forum I decided to order the stage 3 James Duff 3.5" lift. This meant I had to start stripping off the front end. Well most of you know how that goes, brakes are not bad but while I'm here I should go ahead and replace them, rotors - them too. Hey look, the ball joints are right here too, might as well get them while I'm at it; how bout them U Joints ... look, the axel pivot & sway bar bushings are right here. And then of course I should take some pictures (almost 800 to date) and do a bit of painting...

Well, I thought with all the pictures I should start to share some and I've been meaning to post for some time and stop just being a lurker :thumbdwn:. Hope you enjoy the pics and the thread and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you on the trail.

Craig's List Pic

Cleaned up a bit with 31's and black wheels (5) for $160 off Craig's List. One of the only outings before it was garaged

Found two types of plugs and 3 types of plug wires when purchased

Getting Started


Duff Stuff Arrives


Ricky8587 Comes Over to Help Wrench & Grind a Bit



Too Many %&@jy$^ Rivits (not all of them ...)


Some old parts, many going away (while it's right here ... :))

U Joints/Ball Joints Come Off


I was hoping to get most of the prep work done and get things ready to bolt up, a weekend party perhaps ...



Test fitting and bolting up a few pieces last weekend


And always more questions, while it's here - gears and a locker ...

Well, I'm sure there will be more pictures to follow and lots of decisions still to make (Duff front winch bumper, brakes and rotor types, what will new tires be, gears and locker) so I'll keep everyone posted. (She got the house and the dog and I got a few bucks for a project, I'm not complaining). Cheers! :salute:


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I agree- that is a really nice looking 'ho! :thumbsup:

Welcome to the Forum, Jim! :wavey:

Good lord, that's the cleanest looking 1st gen I've seen in a long while. Great condition to start a project with.

Hmm, you know we won't let it stay lookin like that for long! :thumbsup:;)

Git busy :hammer::chug::frustrate:hammer::chug::crazy::wtf::chug::hammer::burnout:

1st post, awesome project, AND he paid for an Elite Membership! That is AWESOME!

Can't wait to see your nice clean Navajo on the trails with the rest of the NW contingent!


How do you feel about body damage...:D

Looking good, hope to see it in action when its done.

Duff Stage 3, 3.5" Lift Unboxing

How do you feel about body damage...:D

I prefer it on Jeeps ;)

Hmm, you know we won't let it stay lookin like that for long! :thumbsup:;)

That's why I'm taking the pictures, hope to never see it this way again. :navajo:

In the interest of sharing some pictures I thought I should do an un-boxing of the James Duff Stage 3, 3.5" Lift. I am so far very pleased with the experience of ordering the lift (thanks Andy), the delivery & packaging and the quality of the components (even the sweatshirt is comfortable, wearing it now :D).

It took a few weeks to arrive (waiting for RA's and powder coating), I wasn't in a hurry and they were up front with the schedule. Tracked it find via UPS and left work early that day to fine it all had arrived on my door step, literally (thanks UPS).

Here are all boxes un-boxed ...









Starting to be more of an archive; and on that note I thought I should post these ... I really wish the pictures on the instructions were better (that's probaably just me). :cool:






And just for fun, ^%S#)!+ these rivits ...

Off to go search online for some misc items before the build; wheel bearings (ordered EBC slotted and dimpled rotors and green stuff breaks yesterday, hope they work out, not so sure they'll be worth it, I'll let you know down the line), spindal bearings and brake lines . I'm sure Ill forget something ... :usa:

Is this a 'ShowHo' or a 'GoHo'??

Awful lot of 'Bling' goin on there! :cool:

EBC Rotors and Pads Arrive

Is this a 'ShowHo' or a 'GoHo'??

Awful lot of 'Bling' goin on there! :cool:

Right now I have to admit it's a ShowHo, but that's for purely scientific, research and the hell of it purposes only. After all it would be hard to have these forums without a bit of 'Show'. Rest assured there will be a time it's a ^$@GD&D-Ho and by the way do you have a spare quarter panel ... I hope not but it's not gonna break my heart ...:roll:

So the breaks parts arrived today, was quite surprised as I had not received any confirmation and the placed I ordered from did not have all the best reviews but the price was certainly the best of what I could find and I checked around on the web a bit.

As I mentioned this was a bit of a stretch for me as I know I could have purchased OEM parts for about 1/2 (~$150 less, yah - maybe less) but it's really mix on reviews’ for this type of rotor and pad and in the end the general thought is if you’re gonna spend a bit more when you have some choices doing it on brakes is probably a place it's justified. Besides they really look good after unpacking and this isn't my daily driver so they should last quite some time:






Didn't get as much as I'd hoped done this weekend (Daytona 500 soaked some time, good race!), but I got some, quite a bit of the Duff Suff bolted up. Had to stop by Tacoma Screw today to picktp a few grade 5 bolts 1/4 longer as when I went to bolt up the long shock bracket the holes drilled into a support in the frame and with washers there isn't space for the nut, luckily it's close by and getting 8 bolts (2x4 in 2 sizes to be sure) was only $5.44.


When do you want to do the leather seat upgrade?

Sometime in the next couple months I need to get down to Joe's place and disassemble the 'Ghost'

When do you want to do the leather seat upgrade?

I sent you an email.

Progress has been slow, works been a ***** and I've been lazy ...:eek:

But I did get the passenger side radius arm bolted up and a few things fitted today after I finished the work emergency that lasted about 5 hours, and I'm not even on call. :p:


Sadly it's not. I've been lazy and works been tough and the Doc just diagnosed tenosynovitis in left hand which has been painful, not to mention family (Daughter's been staying with me more and I've painted and re-did her bedroom).

I am taking next week off because I'm maxed on vacation time (Tuesday - Monday) which I plan to dedicate to the car ...

Check back soon!! :burnout:

I need to get our pumpkin back to you. Randys said the case on mine was fine, even made that comment on my receipt :cool:

Wouldn't that have been a nice thing to do on the work request and not the receipt?

They are the same piece of paper. ;)

Probably heading up your way this weekend, I'll drop off your front pumpkin. Sorry I didn't have anything done to it for you :p:

wowsers, that thing is SUPER clean, great looking build. Keep the progress coming!

Can't wait to see it finished. I'm having a hard time deciding between duffs 3in lift and the new 5.5in. :banghead:

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I'm having a hard time deciding between duffs 3in lift and the new 5.5in. :banghead:

That's a no brainer. If you go with the 3", you'll be kicking yourself in a couple of months wishing you went with the 5.5"