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Good buy or not


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October 28, 2014
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Bedford, Ia
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1992 Ford F150 xlt
I have found a 1994 ford explorer 5 speed 4x4 4 door. It does have some rust and a dint in the front fender. The tranny is also out of it would it be worth looking at or is it a job to redo. I has be sitting in the weed off a long time. The guy last wanted 400 for it. worth it or not.

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I would say go for it!

Is the transmission missing, or just taken out? If it's missing, you could still get it and put a junkyard tranny in it! Another thing to consider, do you know if it has any engine problems?

IMO, offer lower. It could be a chore to get it out or a cost to have it towed. If you can't see it running, you won't know what works or doesn't. You may have to replace a fair amount of things. Check the fluids, check the mileage, look for leaks. If the engine looks good, it could be a fun project.

I'd pass on it there lots of them around for cheap. Its going to take a lot of money to get it running. I rather invest in one that is complete and has a chance to run now then getting one that is partially taken apart.

Well the tranny is still there but is no good. It has the 4.0l motor i have looked under the hood once but it was dark and no engine problems that i have be told. This explorer is where i work so could look at miles again tomorrow and if the transfer case is manual.