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Good deal?

I've located a 302 out of an 88 stang w/ 66k milage and a AOD. It's on Ebay for 500 in Philly...I'd have to pick it up, but the seller says, it ran before and after the accident...The car appearntly was totaled ...Help me!!! It time is up in 1 day and I need imput!
P.S. Here's the web address Dead Link Removed

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Originally posted by RFR2212
...I need imput!

first off there smart guy, its input not imput! and its only has 61k not 66k!!! hahaha...sorry, had to give you crap!

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Okay, the only thing is, the guy seems not really, with it, in the fact, seems like Im gonna get screwed....Plus, it's a 15hr drive each way....I dunno that its worth that...

Sounds too bad to be true...Not really worth it to me..I mean are you going to use it right away, Or just inpulse (heehee) buy and have a possibly broken down engine/tranny lyin around the yard...If your really in the market for one Id keep looking in your own area for something you can see up close and have a better idea whether or not it works..better safe than sorry.Unless you got the cash to throw around then git-r-done.

88 would be a bad choice. A 89-93 MASS AIR is the best canadate for the swap. The 88 is speed density EFI which basicly makes the motor unmodifiable. I think your limited to headers.

As for 89-93 they can be heavily modified and the stock EEC can manage somewhere around 350-400 horse. The other benifit is the ease of wirring up the 89-93. I went with a 93 HO in my ranger.

Thanks for the info guys! I found a good deal on a C4 that has been maintained, has a shift kit and is mated to a dana 20..I may pick this up and then keep my eyes open for the motor...who knows....I will keep ya updated!
Thanks alot!