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Good idea/bad idea? need opinions


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March 15, 2009
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93 ranger, 01 f-350
Im trying to mount my winch to my truck and looking for the best option without making a whole new bumper because I kinda like the stock bumper look. Are my stock bumper mounts to weak to be pulled on with that much force or should I just put a cross member bewtween the frame rails and bolt/weld two pieces of 2x2 maybe 2x3 square tubing to the cross member towards the front of the truck than two more pieces straight up, weld a plate on top to mount the winch and fairlead? There would be support braces where the tubes make a 90 degree angle and braces for the plate if need be. Im just trying to figure out the best way to do it. Is there a way I can create a picture to post here without any type of software?

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Try doing a front reciever hitch and a cradle for your winch?

I really like the idea of a hitch and cradle but would like to leave it in all the time and think that the cradle would rattle and get on my nerves lol. Also I would like to have it a little higher like at the top of the bumper. And the fact someone could take it easier if they wanted to. I think I read somewhere that a single bolt might not be enough to hold it in when pulling like it might break or shear. Any truth to that theory? Idk about the locking pins as far as strength. How strong are they? I use a locking pin when pulling a 5x8 trailer but thats a trailer not ranger stuck or another truck thats stuck.

My Smittybilt Winch is mounted behind my stock bumper on a mount I made the fits between the frame rails. Works good. I how ever want to sleeve the bolt holes in the frame.


Did you use 1/4'' steel? How much of the bumper did you cut or modify if any? What exactly do you mean by "sleeve the bolt holes?" Is that putting a round spacer like tube in the frame rail that the bolt passes through before it goes the other side of the frame?

I wound up using 3/8 inch plate for the bottom. Sleeving the frame is using a section of tubing and welding then running the bolts through. I really didn't have to trim much of the bumper for the fairlead.


:DThanks. I went yesterday to a junk yard my buddy knows everyone looking for a hitch cuz I decided to do a front hitch and cradle. Got super lucky and found a 93 ranger with a 3 inch body lift just like mine. It had a whole winch bumper on it made from I think 3/16's steel painted black. Only thing that concerns me is it was on the stock bumper mounts. apparently the guy that had the truck used the stock mounts and didnt have a problem. Im Probably gonna try the stock mounts and if they break Ill upgrade. Other thing is there isn't a mounting plate but my buddy has some plate around the house and his dad is gonna weld a mounting plate for me. Hope to have pics soon but I ain't pushing it cuz my friends dad is nice enough to weld a plate so Im on his time. :D