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good price on Goodyear MTR's??

good price on Goodyear MTR's??(updated with pics)

I've had people doing bidding wars on some 32X11.5X15 MTR's for a few days now...I've now got it down to $655 out the that sound???

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Sorry...scratch that...$630....still going!!!:bounce: :confused: :bounce:

I bought 4 35x12.5x15's for $148 a piece plus no interest for 6 months plus a $50 cash card. Installed with road hazard. Total cost to me was a lil over $600. Go to your goodyear dealer and ask about a Spike Sale.

whats a spike sale. i really want some mtr's but i live in sacramento, i am not usually good at getting people to go down in price so i need to know how, i want some 33X12.50, and i dont have tons of money to work with.............travis

yes enlighten us dan my man...what is a spike sale


OK I told FMExplorer all the tricks and he bailed and bought xterrains so someone needs to try this. I wouldn't lie about my good luck.
Heres what you do. In my town there is 2 Goodyear shops, and obliviously they can differ prices.
One day I rolled into the Goodyear shop and said, Hmm I've seen these MTRs getting some great reviews, they're pretty pricy though. Sales man say yeah, they're great blah blah blah. I say Damn they're spendy, ever go on sale, I'm in no hurry. He says yeah we run something called a "Spike sale" about once a month where we sell tires for damn near what employees can purchase them for. It was like a month and a half till the next one. He quoted me like $160 a tire. (Trick they'll never tell you lowest price too far in advance or over the phone) And then goes to show me how the tires retail for like $227 or some high figure. I say cool, I'll think about it. He says to check back and he'll maybe be able to go lower closer to the day.
So about a week before I go to the tire shop. He says $149 a tire. I ask for a written estimate he gives me a business card with $149 on the back in pen(He knows what I'm up to)
So I go to Sears where they honor prices and plan on getting a sears credit card where I'll save 10% as well as sears has a good price on rotation and road hazard. I say look I can get these MTRs for this price. He looks at it, changes his pants, and says well thats a hell of a price. I need a estimate form like they give ya. Then he's like ahh, I'll call em. SO he calls and the same guy tells him $185 a tire over the phone. I call BS and go to the OTHER goodyear tire shop to get my estimate. Meanwhile Sears boy says I'll order these up(Cause we all know there is a high demand for 35" MTRs in LaCrosse WI a town of 50k where I am one of 3 trux with these tires in that size)
I go to the other tire shop and they have a Demo truck with 35 MTRs in the shop as well as another set sitting on display(so I'm like holy sh*t why do they have 8 of these things here) I tell this sale guy that the other shop is giving me a run around with a quote. I want these tires and I cant get a freaking price He says their printer is down but he can sell them on the spike sale for $142. Now I change my pants, and say OK well I'll be back here. The next day I call them and say I want them at this price to find out that their computer had an error and did not compute quotes correctly. I ask to speak to the manager and he is cool as hell. I say hey I want some 35" MTRs, the other Goodyear shop keeps changing price and you offered me a price that I new was too low but I just want to buy these damn things during this spike sale. Goodyear sells road hazard for 10% of tire value so for me it would be like $14.20 on top of quote plus like $8 per tire to mount and balance as well as a $3 excise tax for having oversized tires or some BS. Anyway tires always cost about $100 more when that crap all adds up. This guy says
"You want those tires, I'm gonna sell you these tires today. I'll go $148 a tire, mounted balanced and I'll throw in lifetime balance, rotation and road hazard"
I say get them wrenches hot, I'm on my way.
Boom I get hooked up, go in,
Theres Goodyear credit card signs with a $50 cash card for signing up as well as no interest for 6 months.
I ask if I can get this, buy these, cut up the card and pay them off. The manager says, Hell yeah, thats corporate stuff, go ahead. I walk out of there a winner.
Ahh as for the guy at Sears, I only had to play stupid and ignore about 3 calls to my cell phone before I got a voice mail saying he'd have to send them back. Hey he was the pushy one not me.

Well...I got the MTR's put on today...and they rub. PITA!!!!:fire: Oh well...looks like it's time to break out the sawzall again!;)

picture of tire


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And a pic of the truck.


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So...whatdaya think!!

I think you need some mud on them

They will...just got them at lunch time and was VERY late coming back to work so I havn't had any time to put them to the test yet.


I agree with the mud. I'll take you around the Mounds in Flint if you want, but I will be in my Jeep, just let me know. I'll get a nice small group together.

SSIKORA, Looks good. This is basically what I want to do with my '95 Sport. How much rubbing is going on? Is it the height of the tire or the width of the tire that is causing the rubbing? Just wondering if a different tire (33x10.5) would have less of a rubbing problem.

Michigander...Thanks..Yeah I'm up for the mounds...I got a few buddys that went there last year and they have some AWESOME pics..I'm sure they would be up to going again.

Braden...Thanks...Yeah I think it's more the width that is causing the's minimal and can easily be fixed with a little trimming. These tires are very aggresive and are MUCH better than the AT KO's at least during the snow and rain.

Let me know when the two of you go to the Mounds. Never been there but would like to go some Saturday. Man those tires make me jealous.