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good set up for me


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October 9, 2008
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Libertyville, Il
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91 XLT
hey i guys i have a 91 explorer with 1" lift shackles in the rear and im trying to figure out what to go with for finishing it off. here's some popular options i've come across. keep in mind my goal is to fit 32" - 33" tires if possible and i have a kinda low budget. if you guys could point out some advantages that would be great. thanks in advance!

heres for the front
1. skyjacker 2" lift coils
2. buy coil spacers or f150 coil seats

heres for the back

1. 2" lift leaf pack
2. add a leafs

or possibley a 2 - 3" body lift.

also if i get 32" tires is my truck ganna be a dog without new gearing or could i put the gears off for a year or so. i don't mind it being a bit slower i just don't want to do damage my tranny or any thing like that

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What gears do you have? I'd start there as far as tires go. Where'd you get 1" lift shackles? I'd probably finish your suspension lift to start with myself. The body lift was not near as easy as I thought it would be. I'd probably start on suspension if I'd knew what a ***** it was.

they're the autozone shackles. aslo i don't know wheather to to coil lifts or new coil springs? and im planning on getting the back up a little more does any one know of a good add a leaf

how much lift did u get with just the aal? and do the skyjacker coils ride much better than the stock springs?

the AAL was to get rid of the "saggy butt" my X had(maybe 1/2" - 3/4" ), got the lift from the WAR153 I installed. The Skyjacker coils ride like a dream..........................

good that sounds just like what i want to do. could i double up on the aall for a bit more lift?

that would ride stiff as a MF........... the autozone shackles are adjustable for different heights?

yea it prolly would.. the autozone shackles are adjustable i have them at the max lift which is right about an 1" which is why i nead atleast another inch.

they autozone shackles work surprizingly well accually. they give you new bolts and with new bushings its a better ride imo

i was doing some searching and i found these which seems to let me do a lot more lift for the front since that seems to be the thing holding me back as i could do a spring over axle in the rear.. if i bought these coils and drop brackits is this all i nead to do a 4" lift for the front?