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September 16, 2007
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The Lone Star State
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2022 Explorer ST
My beloved 2005 Sport Trac XLT is gone so I will no longer be active on this site. I needed a vehicle with more seating so I got a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT.

Ironically when I brought the new Exp home, a neighbor asked if I was selling my Trac. We struck a deal and now my old Trac is in the driveway directly across from me. The new owner had the cladding touched up and had a full detail on it and it looks better than ever. Sort of like a neighbor stealing your wife, getting her a makeover, and showing her off to you. :-)

Here's my old Trac. I enjoyed all the mod projects I'd done over the years, some inspired by this site.

THANKS to all for the information when I had a question, a problem, an idea, etc.

I'll be over at the 5th Gen Explorer thread but I will pop back once in a while. Be well.

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Enjoy your new explorer!

Report back pros and cons of the explorer after a few months. I have thought hard about getting one. Then I do something like cut a tree down or bring 2 smokers to a bbq competition and realize I need a bed of a truck.

Why leave, you still have an Explorer.

I'm only leaving the 2001-2005 group, still staying with the forum but moving to the Gen 5 group.