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Goodyear Wrangler Trailmark Tire P255/70R16

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migar.......I saw these too,on Waly website.Did u notice manufacture date,and country?Looking to replace the Milestars previous owner put on.But he kept original GY Fortera as spare.Silly man!That tire must be at least 6 yrs old.IMO,not safe anymore.

Here ya go Eddiemeboy. You might have to look on both sides of the tire for the DOT date code.


Thanks that's good to know, I'm buying tires in the next couple weeks. I have heard that you need to be cautious of buying discount tires because often they are old and you don't know how they were stored.

A rule of thumb, is not to have tires on your vehicle,older than 6 yrs.Unless of course you know,you will reach,or exceed,the mileage of the warranty.For example.At the moment,I may achieve 6000 mi a year.6000 mi x 6 yrs = 36000.Most tires have mileage warranty of over 40000 mi .In my case,I need to change my tires because of age,not mileage.So keep that in mind as you look at the DOT code.