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Got a New Puppy!


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November 29, 2000
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1994 XLT
Ranger and I go on long walks every morning. Lately, I have been taking him on the trails around the area off-leash. He has gotten in the habit of running ahead, then stopping about 50-75' away and sniffing around until I walk by. Sometimes I will get 50' ahead of him before he blasts by me in search of more stuff to smell. He always comes when I call him and I rarely need use the e-collar. When we get to a road I have him heel on leash, more because I don't trust the drivers around here and stupid people with dogs. I was sitting with him on a table at the local park looking at down on Miramar Lake and some complete moron walked right up next to us with a unleashed little yappy dog. Of course, Ranger jumped down to greet this new potential friend. I asked the guy how he knew my dog's disposition and told him I thought that was a real stupid thing to do with a 100 pound size difference in dogs. I walked off without waiting for a response. Some people are just so clueless about dogs. If Ranger was in any way not friendly it could have turned out very bad.

Took him to a dog beach today, and let him run and play. He actually got me a little worried when he took off at full speed down the beach when we first got there. He was at least 100 yards away before he reacted to me slowly turning up the e-collar by turning around and running back to me. The collar was up to 18 out of 100, so still a mild stimulation. I can barely feel it tingling at that level. After that, he paid attention to me calling him back. The trainer said to not call him back or use the collar when he is actively playing and having a good time so he doesn't get the idea that playing is something I don't want him to do. He was hard core playing today, non-stop until it was time to go. He loves all dogs. He also stops to greet just about everyone in the area. He is first dog I have ever had that was completely without any malice unless you are prey, then its on. He is wiped out and sleeping next to my chair as I type.

Da beach. That is Ranger in the center of the pic stalking his next victim.

Ranger rough housing with my buddies Shepard mix, who is a hard core alpha female. He just kept messing with her until she gave in and started playing. She taught him how to body block. Its her signature move and when he figured out what she was doing, he knocked her down a few times.

Molly, Pirate, Harley and Ranger. Pirate is the big bulldog. She thinks she is a referee at the WWE and will wedge herself in between dogs that are playing hard.

We are going camping on my Arizona property for a few weeks starting Saturday. It will be nice to take Ranger on a hike down the road, or up the canyon without having to have him on a leash. I think I will keep him on a long lead at night when outside just because he is very much still a puppy and can be unpredictable.