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Got another one


April 25, 2007
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'92 Sport
I recently got out of my 89 mustang gt and got a 99 explorer 4d XL
it has 72k on it, and its a 1owner truck. really nice shape, ice cold a/c, interior is beautiful.

what can i expect out of this truck, as far as common problems go?
i have a 92 sport sittin in my yard, rotting to the ground as we speak.

Also, what are the speaker sizes all the way around? my 92 has 4 brand new speakersi put it a while ago, 5x8's i think. someone correct me there if i'm wrong.
will they swap from truck to truck?

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yah 4.0. i've heard that these models came with OHC and pushrod design, i didnt really check because i didnt know. i will be picking up the car tomorrow, but as far as i remember, i would say its pushrod.
1 solid coil pack, plastic intake, if that helps any.

The trannies (at least from what I've read, correct me if I am wrong) are computer controlled with solenoids(basically an electronic switch thingy), when the solenoids fail the tranny doesn't know how or when to shift. My 2000xlt is doing it with 2nd gear now, I don't have the extra cash to rebuild so I will reset the codes and drive until it fully craps out, I do only local driving so no big deal if it breaks on me.


ok how about the stock ignition setup, what plugs came factory? platinums, coppers? it doesn't seem to have the initial power from a dead stop that my 92 had. i'm gonna slap some plugs & wires on, new belt, and seafoam it to begin with.

did your sport have the SOHC engine or OHV. OHV's don't have the HP the SOHC's do (from what I have read anyway, once again correct me if I am wrong)

also to clarify an earlier post in this thread. The solenoids have a tendancy to go out and cause transmission failure, I feel lucky to have gotten approx. 149000 out of mine.