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Got EE rear sway bar..where do Split Collets go?


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January 18, 2001
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Ok, I know the bar runs through the large poly blocks that you coat with the priveded goo...But im not getting where the split collets a moron out

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On each side inboard of where the bar attaches to the axle, before the hump around the pumpkin.

wow, i really am an idiot today...thanks....

If i can figure out how to make it out the front door ill go put it on now!

Question about this split collet-

The factory front Sway Bar has the split collet but the EE ones don't. The factory rear do not have it but the EE does. Why is this? If its an improvement why not put it in the front bar as well?

Originally posted by aldive
My front bar does not have split collets.

Me neither.

My front did.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Ohh geez. So certain years/model got the split collet and on certain years don't. :eek:

Apparently, on certain years, the factory did. Would be nice to know their thinking.

I have never seen them on the front. Would someone please post a pic? Thanks.

Found this in someones lift write up. You can barely make it out.


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Look on the far crossmember/swaybar mount, inboard of the bushing.

It's hard to see in this picture. It's right up tight to the bushing. I still have mine at home, I'll take a pic after work.


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Here's a shot of mine next to EE's.


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