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Got my all terrains installed


February 24, 2017
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2012 Explorer limited

So my winter tyres were in need of changing and my summers were scraping the lines themselves, instead of having to buy a set of winters for the month or two left then having to buy another set in the spring I opted for a set of Nitto Terra Grappler G2W (all weather rated) in a 265/50r20 fitment. Happy so far, no noticeable increase in noise, managed to get the car out of some fairly deep snow on a slope the other day. Did have a little rubbing on rear wheel well front mud flaps but took these off as they’re weren’t doing anything and now no problems at all. I’m still going to get a set of dedicated winters for next season as I live in Alberta, Canada but definitely seem to be good as an all rounder

Looking good it doesn't seem like many people put A/T's on this gen Explorer. I wish we had a little more wheel well to work with can't fit much tire in there.