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Got my New Car Hauler Trailer!


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December 10, 2000
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Near St. Paul, MN.
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2000 Sport
Boy oh Boy was it FUN going to get it!

I picked it up at the factory in Dell Rapids, SD. 260plus miles from here. On the way down there we fought a 30-40 MPH headwind! Had to stop for gas 4 times! Sheesh!!

On the way back we ran into a blizzard for about an hour, but with a 30MPH tailwind we blew right thru it! Only tanked up twice on the way back!

Now I worry about somebody stealing the darned thing!
What do you guys do to secure YOUR trailer?

Here's some pics:




Minnesota's highway salt is the worst!!!


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Nice trailer! Wow - 4 fill-ups in 260 miles, OMG! :eek:

We use a lock on the boat coupler similiar to this guy and then we put a general u-lock through one of the wheels.

Works for us and it's what all the boat dealers around my house use. These plus your insurance should cover it!

Good luck!


Nice trailer! You need to lock both wheels on that one side because someone could take off that tire and sling it on the deck and still drive the trailer away. Also get a good hitch lock. I have had a trailer stolen and it was locked 2 different places. You can never be too carefull.

Thanks for the idea's! I'll look into the u-shaped locks and get a good coupler lock!

It's a 18Foot with dual 6000lb rated axles for a total Max load rating of 10,000lbs. 16in wheels with bolt patterns that match the tow vehicle (interchangeable spares!). Adjustable height coupler for different hitch heights and recessed lighting to help avoid snapped off lights! :) Got it from Dressen Custom Trailers in Dell Rapids,SD. They have a web Site if you search on Yahoo (or whatever). :)

Thanks for the advise! You're absolutely right! I never thought of them taking the wheel off, but that WOULD work for them, even if I run the chain around the axle! I'll chain up both wheels on one side. That will slow them down at least!

I have my bumper maker working on a set of wheel locks (like the ones they use in Great Britian and Europe to lock vehicles). They are commercially made, but only fit wheels up to 15in...My trailer has 16" wheels. So until they're ready I have to chain 'er up and hope for the best!

Thanks for all replies!

Good looking trailer!

What are you going to use it to tow? And what are you going to be towing it with?

get this... they are a bit pricey, but you cant remove the lug nuts that way:

14" domed-wheel-cover Immobilizer prevents vehicles from being moved.

Designed to fit 14" to 16 1/2" standard wheels
Posi-Grip Jaw prohibits removal of lug nuts, as well as the device itself
Secur-Bolt-Key System can't be picked, cut-off or broken
Bi-Directional Stand design permits attachment to virtually any wheel


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My Explorer is the designated rider on the trailer!
Here's a recent pic:

And it will be towed by this:

Thanks for the idea! All i gotta do now is find out who sells them! I'll do a search! THANK YOU!!!
ps: Jim, did you give up on my bumper?

Thanks to all!

Now that is a pretty impressive Explorer ya got there

Now that is a pretty impressive Explorer ya got there

Thank you!

It's nothing like Ricks or some of the other guys rigs, but I'm happy with it! :)


Originally posted by JamminG4Jim
I'll check with mailboxes exetera and get back to ya!

Jim, just to let you know....places like mailboxes etc. will ripp you off beyond belief. I took a few items there a couple of years back, and they quoted me prices that were twice as much as dealing directly with the shippers. has created an excellent way to ship via the internet. You can set up everything online and print out a receipt and shipping label and all you have to do is get the package in a UPS guy's hands.

I am just letting you know. I hate mailboxes etc!!!!!!


jim, hows the bumper thing going?

also, did you find something to do about the lock situation for the trailer? personally, i think the pic i posted should be the best way to go... cant get to the lugnuts..... and it woudnt roll away with that thing there either....


I apologize for not letting you know what I found out. I checked with Mailboxes,etc...They DO want an arm AND a leg to wrap and ship one measly bumper! Over $100 (they said they couldn't give me an exct quote until they finished wrapping it)...God, are they lame!!!!

I figure you can get a bumper for less than that closer to home!

Sorry to make you wait so long.


ok jim, thanks.....

what about the wheel lock situation for your trailer? hows that coming?

Originally posted by jimabena74
ok jim, thanks.....

what about the wheel lock situation for your trailer? hows that coming?

If I ever find a way to ship a bumper to ya that WON'T cost too much, I'll let ya know!

For trailer security, I bought 3 master locks all keyed alike with Case Hardened Steel loops. Then I bought two 20ft lenghts of 1/2" Case Hardened Steel Logging Chain. One end of chain #1 goes around a three foot wide oak tree and secures with padlock #1, then the rest of chain #1 goes around the front frame, thru the spare tire, and down to chain #2. Chain #2 goes around both axles and comes out around the tires closest to the tree. THEN I used 1/2" plastic coated aircraft grade twisted wire cable to go thru each wheel and around both wheel ramps (they slide in underneath the trailer)... They may steal my trailer, but they'll need a cutting torch and plenty of spare time!!!! :)

The key combo's were custom made by a local locksmith, so no one else could use a similar key. It's amazing that lock Mfgr's only use 5-6 different key combo's on retail locks...


Hi Jim,
If you don't mind, How much for the trailer and how much does it weight. I'm looking at getting a trailer for my Explorer ,so any information you dould give me would be much appreciated. I just got a new F-150 with a 4.6L V8 would this be ok?

Hi Ray!

The trailer weighs 2450lbs empty. I went with a 12000# GVWR trailer which is heavier duty than most. It cost 3K but that's with extra goodies (spare tire/wheel, Winch Plate, recessed trailer lighting, etc.)...You could probably get one for less.

I wanted something I wouldn't grow out of down the road. Plus if any of my buddies trucks get trashed on the trail, they get to drive my X home while their truck gets trailered.

Now if it would only warm up outside!!! :)


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yeah, nice security.... from the looks of it, if i was a crook, i would just say to myself, damn, that is way too much work