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Got my wheel spacers today.

The wheel spacers I need for my front end came in today. After running my 35x15.50 Swampers for the first time at the Arizona run I noticed the tierod was rubbing on the inside of the tire. It chewed through the sidewall pretty good, but there seems to be enough meat left to continue using the tire.

To alleviate the problem I purchased a set of 1" billet aluminum spacers from Performance Wheel & Tire. They run $50ea. If you're interested their address is:


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damn, can't wait to see your trucks stance after those are on.

hrmm those do look beefy. and less expensive than the H&R ones. they have the studs already in em too.

rick-- why only spacers on the front end? just what you think needs it or just dont want them on the back?

The rear tires weren't rubbing. Just trying to solve a problem.

gotcha thanks

The Great Pumpkin is turning into The Great Wide and
Bouncy Pumkin!

Rick, be careful with those mugs!

I've got the H&Rs. I wish I had known about those before I bought the H&Rs, they are a lot less expensive but look as heavy duty and high quality as the H&Rs. I've been very satisfied with mine and think you will be pleased Rick.

(I wonder if all the people that always jump on those of us with spacers and tell us how dangerous they are and that they will wear out our bearings and give us dandruff and blah blah will tell you that too, LOL... I'll be keeping up with this thread :D )

PS: if your stock lug studs are the same as mine, you'll need to shave off about 1/4" off the length since they are very slightly longer than 1". A 3" cutting wheel works great.

cool got any before & after pics?

Yep, my studs are just a bit too long and need to be trimmed. Adding wheel spacers is really no different than getting rims with a different offset.

wheel spacers seem to be some what of an urban legend. you always hear people say "i wouldnt use them, they brake and then your wheel comes off while going down interstate and kills a bus-load of nuns". but no one ever seems to know anyone that has had a failure with them. and im taking about a quality billit piece with studs, not some pieces of pot-metal that you can break with a good pair of pliers. looking forward to you wheelin' the snot out of 'em and proving all of the nay-sayers wrong.:D

A guy that uses my mechanic has had nothing but problems with wheel spacers. It's only cause he's dumb though :confused: He has a Vette with 1/4" spacers that slip over the studs. Problem is, the holes are way too big and the spacers vibrate, slowly sawing through the studs. He's had wheels fall off 3 times before, but continues using them. What a dumb@ss!

Good luck Rick, those look like quality units. So when are you gonna get too wide to fit through Box Canyon?

Do you have them installed yet?
How bout a pic?

I don't even have my truck Jeremy... still in the shop.

i am a big advocate of no wheel spacers.. i used to work i n a tire place and have seen the ill effects ...i would never use them on my car.... however, i believe that the ones rick got are long as there is enough exposed thread after they are on and also they to will need to be torqued properly...rick is the kind of person who will actually monitor them not just set them and forget about it (like most idiots)... all it means to him is he will have 30 lugnuts to torque..and now he will have a problem solved...

They look great Rick. Can't wait to get my rig back and we can go try them out.:bounce:

Hey Rick any chance of you being able to get me some Eagle Alloy rims 17X8 Series 587 thru your connections. I can't find any in Ca. They seem to be back ordered everywhere.:fire:

Yeah, that would be a big "DUH" on my part:confused:

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Things are going really slowly for my rig Tom. I have no clue when it may be done.

FLY-N-HI doesn't carry Eagles so I can't help you there. Sorry.