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Got my work cut out for me!


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March 23, 2003
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2008 XLT Ironman
Got some long anticipated parts in the mail today! It's a Simple Digital Systems programmable ECU that will replace my stock computer entirely. It would be a wiring nightmare, but Trevor at Western Motorsports was awesome enough to make me a harness that will plug right into my existing one. Also I have a new upper intake that has shorter runners and relocates the throttle body to the driver's side so that my Vortech blower tubing can run right into it instead of twisting and turning all around the engine bay. The pulley is a new stock size crank pulley that is used with the SDS for timing control...but I had it improved by the addition of an SFI harmonic balancer.





I should be able to get started friday and hopefully have it running Sunday.

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WOW :thumbsup: :D Now thats some great stuff right there


me likey!! :thumbsup: cant wait to se it installed :D


Are you a glutton like I am? :)
Whats wrong with the stock EEC-IV? seems a dyno session and re-flash would get the same results??

I am asking because I dont know what you are running, and I want to learn your reasoning........I am clueless in this uncharted water.

Wouldnt a V8 be cheaper? :)

My name is James, and I am a horsepower addict :E

Nothing is really "wrong" with the stock EEC-IV other than the fact that the people who are most knowledgable about 4.0's (Doug, and others) do not tune EEC-IV computers anymore. With my setup, the tune has to be good because I'll be running nitrous and water/methanol injection along with the blower.

Also, if I make one little change, I.E., injectors, etc. I would be always wondering if I needed to re-tune....this way I can do it myself. Chips and multiple tuning sessions add up very quickly...though it would still be less expensive than this was.

Plus if I ever get rid of my X I can use this system in pretty much any vehicle I might want to mod further down the road.

It would be cheaper to do a V-8 swap....I love V-8's. But these days I am not sure I want V-8 gas mileage since this truck is still my daily driver.
This setup is pretty good because I get 18-20 MPG around town and 23 or so on the highway with an absolutely stock computer. That will improve with this new system. But when I want to open it up and go faster I can tweak a few things and have some decent power with the V-6.

I love big motors, but it's also pretty cool to see how much power you can squeeze out of a smaller one. It's pretty much just a goal is to get this truck in the Mid-14's in the quarter.

Besides, if I had a V-8 I'd be doing the all same stuff to see if I could get the truck into the 12's or 11' it's really not cheaper for me any way you slice it :E

Some guys are crazy about sports or

understood :)

Any good Mustang guy should be able to dyno and tune a 4.0L as well.

Have fun!
What are you doing for a trans?

I ALMOST went a similar route, but after too many trans issues, went 5.0L.
Mileage is the same with this more efficient EFI DIS 5.0L as it was with my aging OHV 4.0L.....

I have a stage II 700r4 from bowtie overdrives. The shift pattern and feel of it took a bit of getting used to at first but I love it now and it's held up just should be good up to about 400-450 horsepower.

I know Jefe had some problems with his recently but I haven't heard more details about what exactly happened....but mine is going strong.

If someone makes an adapter for a 5.0 to 700r4 I could always use it in a V-8 truck if I got one.