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Got the new bull bar on


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August 9, 2012
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Newark, Oh
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2001 Ford Explorer ST
I still need to modify the bracket as with the body lift it sits a little further from the truck as designed but still not bad I think/


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that a Hunter?

Not bad, you know what would complement that bull bar...

Bam. Tal & Hadas stainless steel rear sport bar. One of five in North America pizza they don't sell or make them anymore.


Yeah I like that and know they are harder to find than fender flares and I am still looking for a set of those.

No that one is easy to find if you know who to ask....

Well who is that then because I am asking but the bull bar came off and I modified the brackets now the paint is drying should have it back on tomorrow the way I want it to look.

Midnight Rebel has had his up for sale for quite some time. The sports bar I mean.

You talking about the roll bar thing is it in the for sale section?

I sold the sport bar to another member in Ohio but he never installed it so a year later I bought it back off him (told him if he ever sells it to let me know first). This one is the only one that I have ever found for sale anywhere on the web, like I said, 1of 5 in N. America. I might mount it for awhile this summer just to see how it looks on my Trac with all the changes. I would sell it again, yes.

Fixed the brackets for the bull bar had to alter them due to having a body lift on truck.


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Looks good man. Gonna install lights on it?

Yeah got lights already to put on and how much you want for the roll bar?

Last time I sold it was $500. Alot of guys around the world want it but shipping cost is stopping them.

Looks much better with the brackets fixed. Is that a Hunter brand one? If so, it should be pretty stout. The Hunter grille guard I have is beefy, and I would trust it to save most of my front end in a collision.

Midnight, you shameless peddler... I'm seriously tempted to buy that from you right here and right now in anticipation of getting a trac.

500 I can do that shoot me some pictures only a 4 hour drive from me can you say road trip. Take me a couple weeks to sneak the money from my bank account so ife dosent yell lol.