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Got the Trac in a Magazine


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January 30, 2012
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So. Cal
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04' Sport Trac
My fiancé has been working at getting our ST into a magazine and we made it into the July 13' issue of S.S. Offroad magazine. Hopefully we can get in some bigger name mags eventually.

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Juggling more fur balls than a constipated cat.

Nice, congrats man.

...That's awesome ...:biggthump

Do you have a shot of the cover? It makes it easier to find the magazine at the store...:)

Sweet I will see it since I got a subscription

Thy are sending us a free copy of the issue that we are in. I am hoping to get it soon and I will post more pics.

Sweet! I didn't get my issue in yet, but I'll be sure to. I hope to see more st's in mags, there are a lot of us guys who have worthy rigs.

Congratulations!! Very cool :D