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Got XM?


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April 10, 2000
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I do! Got the tuner and antenna in today, and my new HU is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I wired up the whole XM gig and here's a pic of the tuner mounted among my masses of electronics.


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and here is the antenna which mounts right out my back gate on the center of the roof


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Damn man... You've got the same XM tuner that I do (Alpine), the same Terk antenna that I have, and you even mounted the antenna in the same place as I did... LOL... So what Alpine deck are you going to be using??? I'm using a 7995 and so far I'm pretty damn happy... Other than with XM you have to wait for the channel to load when going through your presets... Well, and the fact that you can only display the channel, time, channel name, artist name, or song title at one time... There is no way to make it scroll all of that info, only one at a time, then you have to hit a button to check the others... I'd like to see Artist and Song scrolling together...

Other than that though I LOVE IT!!!

Excellent Heath glad to hear ya like it! DVA-7996 is the head unit I chose, and it should arrive tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure I'll be installing that, as I re-routed wires today giving me more slack, and cleaning up behind the dash ( a bit full with 3 sets of RCA's and the XM cable). So I've got the whole DVD/CD/MP3 setup goin on, and should be pretty cool, and adventually i'll get a monitor to add on. I've heard the downside to XM is how the information is displayed, but I'm sure I'll manage :)

I'm the proud owner of a Delphi SkyFi XM tuner. Well....actually it's a demo unit since my employer and i are dealers. But in any case, it's great. Soon, I'm going to get the Antenna Specialists' 12-inch glass-mount antenna to try and reach above the trees a little better around the woods of Vermont. I'm also trying to find out who sells PAC products so I can get an interface to insert the line outputs of the XM into the CD changer input. (I hate tape adaptors.) So far only PAC has an adaptor that adds line-level RCA inputs and retains the use of the factory CD changer. And it's only been out a month or two so lots of webstores haven't updated their sites yet. As far as channels go, I was listening to Boneyard (42 i think) on the 4th of July and they were playing 420 songs of Metallica. The 4 hours I was listening to it, I heard all of ONE commercial! :D

RFR, does your roof rack ever interfere with satellite reception? It looks like it's almost right in the way.

SIRIUS radio baby!!!! nuff said

Sirius is cool, too! I've been hearing good things. Like for me, reception is an issue since there are no terrestrial repeaters here, and trees occasionally block my signal. Since that PAC adaptor I want has 2 RCA inputs to switch from, and I'm not paying a penny for my XM, I'm thinking of adding Sirius sometime, and comparing the 2. Do you have the new Kenwood Plug n Play? That looks slick! :cool:

RFR2212 What do you have above your antenna? Is that a steal Roof Rack? If it is it might intrupt your signal.

I like you low profile Antenna too!

I have had Sirius for about a year and love it! Once you have Satellite Radio you will never be able to go back to Air Radio. How do you like that Playboy Channel?

All I've heard about Playboy XM is that it's mostly mindless (blonde) sex chat. Honestly, what good is Playboy if you can't see anything? I've been told it's not nearly worth the extra 3 or 4 bucks a month to have it. It's money better spent on buying the magazine. ;)

Talk about a fire hazard with all those wires!!;) I might look into it here soon, Crutchfield has(had) a special on an FM modulated one. we'll see though

good call. don't forget there's a $30 rebate on the Skyfi or Pioneer tuner if you buy it by July 12th! I want the auxiliary input adaptor instead of the modulator, though, because it will sound better, and should cost about the same, hopefully, if not maybe 20 bucks more.

I guess we'll find out shortly if there's any interference... I'm waiting for my new HU any time now as it's "Out for Delivery" according to UPS tracking. Hopefully by tonight i might know but I might not be able to start my subscription till tomorrow... I shall keep you up dated..

Oh and above the antenna is my metal roof rack with has cross tubing. I've got a nice bit of slack in my antenna wires in the truck, so it could be moved if necessary.


XM is the stuff! I haven't bought one CD since I had mine put in. Nor do I listen to FM/AM. And yes, The Boneyard is where I listen the most....What tripped me out once was I was listening to a song on there one morning. It was Ozzy and he was singing War Pigs. But it was a live track with Zakk Wylde on guitar. It almost made me wreck it was so good. I emailed Boneyard asking where I could get this. They actually REPLIED with all the info on that song. Unbelievable! XM 4ever....

Originally posted by HokieBert
What the heck are you running with the Galls Street Lighting power supply? You've got police strobes in your X?

Yep, got em in the reverse lights... gonna adventually get a set for up front...

And for now I must say XM kicks ass! Listened to it this evening, pics to follow... I need to catch some sleep for my next 11-12hrs of work!

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I just got a Delphi SkyFi unit. I love it, but having a time trying to decide where to mount the darn thing. Right now just hanging it in and out of my console.

Circuit City suggested a hands-free cell phone stand. I have one I bought year's ago for my first Explorer and never installed it. Is this the way to go or has anyone come up with any other way/place to mount it?

Exp's just don't have a lot of places to do this....

Any help would be appreciated.