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Gotta see these:


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July 18, 2008
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Zeeland, Michigan
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1997 2dr. V8 Sport
I was looking up videos and ran across these sweet rigs. Tuff Trucks!:D

BII video:

First Gen. Explorer video:

Second Gen. Explorer video:

And a Sport Trac video:

Sorry for the double post, putting this in the everything under the sun to begin with was dumb of me, because it doesn't get as much attention. I figured everyone would like to see this.

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URLs are ill B .. (they dont work)

hmmm.. I was watching them an hour ago.. i'll see what I can do

There, they should be fixed..

Wow, imagine that, soon as it gets put in everything under the sun... No more views, or comments..

I think one of the reasons is because some people aren't interested in the end product but rather the process, the stages of fabrication, the welds and so on -- because that's when we can actually learn something new or at least admire the manual labor that went into the product.

Isn't that 1st gen the mcneil truck that wrecked in 2010?

All 3 of those explorers sucked up the bumps. the BII, not so much :)