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I drilled the holes out with a drill press and harbor freight step bits.



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All the metal I had laying around otherwise I would have bought a bender instead of building one

I bought the plans in 2011 and just now decided I needed to build it.

My expenses
  • Pro tools 1.75° 6 clr die - $363.36 shipped
  • Hardened pins (x2) - 39.21 shipped
  • Harbor freight 8 ton long ram - $73
Total cost for me - $475.57 + a ton of labor

Nice :thumbsup: How much savings vs. new?

a similar vertical bender would have been around $900+shipping + $73 hf long ram.

a jd2 model 3 (horizontal bender) with similar die would have been $660 + shipping. It would be a manual operating unit until you get a swag kit $110 and $73 hf long ram. Also need a stand or post to mount it.

It gets pricey! If I would have had to buy all the steel for mine I probably would have bought a jd2 or protools bender instead of building.