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GPS Tracking question...newbie...


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June 9, 2009
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Boston, MA
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1999 Explorer
My pizza delivery fleet consists of two 1999 Ford Explorers...I bought GPS trackers to monitor my drivers in all the company vehicles after several incidents occured and I am curious as to where these devices could be hardwired in (I have the necessary wiring) where they'd recieve a constant charge because as of now I have to remove them and charge them for 5 hours twice weekly. Thanks guys.

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...What brand and models are they???..:scratch:...Do you have a link??

If i was you i would make them to where they are in the glove box. Since there work trucks you dont really need that storage room. Run a constant that is fused from the battery and bam your in business.

I also would like to see a link to these babies

They're both called GPS SNITCH, I belive it's the only model they make. is the company URL...trying to figure out a place to patch 'em in. Was thinking of right before a switch of some sort, it needs 12V DC, 1A.

...I can't tell much from what I found on that site...I did see a picture of the hardire cable though...

..If the wiring does not have a fuse already, I would pick up a fused lead wire at an auto parts store and then attach it like Burns had mentioned...

...I am surprised they did not include any "Hard wire" info with the kit...:scratch: