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Granatelli MAF Sensor (Explorer 5.0)


March 26, 2003
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Union County, New Jersey
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'00 XLT
hey everyone:

I was thinking of getting a MAC CAI for my 5.0 and I just discovered the Granatelli Motorsports MAF Sensor and was also considering getting that too. I wasn't sure if it is possible to install them together without having problems. I went to Granatelli's website ( to look for an answer.

This is what I found:

Cold air inductions significantly increase airflow and can cause tremendous turbulence in the air intake stream. When using the GMS mass airflow sensor with any type of cold air induction, high flow induction, or high flow air filter, your GMS mass airflow sensor must be calibrated with cold air tuning or a check engine light can occur. Cold air tuning is designated by a "C" as the last digit in the part number. Cold air tuning is also available for existing GMS mass airflow sensor owners.

What does this all mean?!? Do I have to get the calibration done by the company?


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November 13, 2002
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1994 XLT
We sell the Pro-M 75mm Mass Air Sensor here at Explorer Express. It is custom calibrated for a open air filter like the Mac. We have sold this combination many times with good results. This set up will definitely wake up your performance/

Check out the performance section of our 5.0 page on our web site.

Mac Intake #3659 .........$149.95+shipping
Pro-M 75mm Mass Air Sensor $224.95 +shipping
(not emissions approved at this time)


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