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Grandma's 91 X. From Stock To Rock!

I have more questions. But first here is a little experience that I recently had.

The main reason that I have started this project is the snow that we recieved here in the puget sound area in the last two weeks. As I'm sure Spdrcer34 will atest too. While at a X-mas party in the other town, it started to snow. And I mean snow :eek: But I said no problem. I have 4 wheel drive. there was about 18" of powder on the ground so we threw the kids in and headed home. While we were doing just fine, I started to hear a popping noise coming from the front driver side wheel well area. All I knew was just get home. Don't wanna get stuck in this stuff out in the middle of no where in this stuff.

Well we made it home just fine. But the next day when we went out the popping got worse. Louder, more frequent and a grinding noise every once in a while like the Auto hubs were slipping. Later that day they just went:thumbdwn: They just grind now and do nothing. Warn manual hubs will be here next week. :)

Yours too huh? Mind you mine aren't completely shot yet, but I'm sure after a few more days of 4x4 whether it be snow or off-roading or both, they will be. I did the same thing, as soon as snow hit I was on the web lookin' for some manuals and how to convert the auto's to take them. On that conversion kit by the way, rumor has it you just need 2 bags, each with a lock washer, spindle nut, and locking nut from 4wheelparts for a d35 or d44 manual hub axle (correct me if I'm wrong) at like 5 bucks a piece, instead of that 50 dollar kit. Silly auto hubs, my dad had some go bad on his 97 F250 not too long ago too, put those premium warns in, I will vouch for how sweet those are.

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3. Does a body lift do anything more then give you more Wheel/Tire clearance and a higher center of gravity?

Your CoG is not raised as much by a 3" body lift as it would be by a 3" suspension lift (you're only raising the body, not the whole truck & chassis).

There are times when a body lift is a good idea, you can get more total lift without having to mess around as much with things like steering geometry (can be a nightmare to fix once you exceed 4" lift on the suspension). You'll have a ton more room to get to the bolts if you ever need to pull the transmission out as well. The downside is the frame is only lifted by whatever bigger tires you can fit, and the body lift itself obviously has no direct bearing on suspension performance.

I run a 3" suspension lift combined with a 2" body. The body lift makes installing things like extended shock towers much easier too (also makes more room for bigger serious stuff like a dual transfercase:cool: )

Does it hurt anything to keep the hubs locked and just dissengage the 4x4? Only for a short while though.

It doesn't do anything but make the front differential spin, along with the front driveshaft. But since the transfer case is in 2Hi, nothing is at risk of breaking.

I wouldn't suggest driving more than 50 miles with them locked if you know you will not have to engage 4x4. I just kept mine locked, and occassionally had to engage 4Hi/4Lo on my drive to/from Silverdale with no issues.


What I DID notice though, is a slight drop in MPG.

It sounds like you got a great build planned for making this truck very capable for not a ton of money.

I had a 3" body lift on my old truck and I really didn't mind it al all, if anything it brought the bumpers up to a better position leaving better options for front tow hooks. It's not like the frame was hanging way down like I see on Chevy S10 and silverados with body lifts.

I didn't see any mention of new shocks, but a fresh set of shocks on an 18 year old truck is a good idea as well, with your add-a-leaf and extended coils you can run probably a 1" longer shock in all 4 corners, Also inspect those radius arm bushings while you are tearing apart the front end.

Just this past weekend I donated a 93 Explorer from my family to a charity but I was going to do something very similar, these trucks can do well offroad with the mods you describe.

For wheels a 15x8 with 3.75" backspacing is the most common and gives you a nice wide stance on a 33x12.50 or 32x11.50 but stock will work, plenty of guys do it.

Here's what I'm working with. Full Stock

New radius arm bushings and original Body mounts

Front suspension.

Rear Susp. And yes that is the original Fire stone tire. Guess we've never had a flat yet. Better not get one now:eek:

And last but not least. A side profile

It looks to be in great shape. It should make a great starting point.

If you're not in a hurry and want to save some more dimes, do what I did. When I started hanging around this board, I'd check the for sale adds all the time. I'd buy used parts, save parts for a few months until I had a good bit of work, then pull it into a shop and work on it non stop for a weekend. Then I'd start picking up used parts again and saving up until another build weekend. It was interesting how my truck progressed in stages.


Should be getting the Warn hubs this monday.

Just ordered the 2" skyjacker coils for the front, and ADL for the rear. Also ordered the Performance Accesories 3" bodylift kit. Came to around $380 shipping included from Amazon.

Now I just sit and wait. I'll post my progress as I go, starting with the Warn hub install.

lucky ******* you have no rust to deal with but any way and an upgrade to the wheels wouldnt be a bad idea those rims are 15x6 bigger tires look better on wider rims imo

While you are sitting and waiting go out and buy yourself a couple bottles of PB blaster. Soak those body bolts and u-bolt threads daily.

Probably not a bad idea to get new u-bolts as it is not recommended to re-use u-bolts if your add-a-leaf doesnt' come with them.

I've heard those things can get a little sticky. I'll PB blast them each day. Thanks for the reminder!!:thumbsup:

Very nice starter truck. Will be an excelent project car.

There is a truck down the street from me for sale for 600$ it wont start. Problem seems electrical. I haven't decided if I want to buy it for a projecb or maybe just help him get it going.

make sure replace the body mounts while your in there.

nice start! mine has a few spots of cancer, mainly the core support (in three pieces)

This is just my luck. It just started snowing tonight and we're supposed to get 4" by morning.

And you ask "when are your Warn hubs supposed to arrive?"


But will the UPS guy be making his rounds in the snow? I hope so!!

Just my Luck:rolleyes:

i am suppose to have a storm here too, and my lift is suppose to come tomorrow as well. So i am right with you in that boat.

<---I already have Manual Hubs...I was out driving in it already...we have 4" already.


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I'm going to replace the Wheels and will have to replace the Wheel well trim with some extended fenders.

I'm trying to find some wheels that are fairly cheap and black in color. I know there are some out there that have red and blue pin stripping but I can't remember the brand name.

I wanna say there made by American racing?:scratch: