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Grape Ape SAS .. finally!!! '97 Ranger

Grape Ape SAS..finally!!!

Hey everyone,

I know this is a Ranger, but several people here have asked for me to post my conversion on this board. Enjoy!

Here are the main facts: '97 Ranger S/C 4x4
currently running 36" swampers - soon to be 38" SX's
Front Axle:
Chevy full width, 3/4 ton (8 lug - passenger side diff) Dana 44, with 5:38 gears, open (Lock-Right coming soon).
Located by custom radius arms made from 1 3/4" .250 wall tubing. The ends use bushings and the rear mount is the same as a Ranger/EX. I cut up some old radius arms and welded the threaded part into the tubing.
These arms will be changed in the future for better movement. But for now, I will just remove one of the upper arms while off-road, to not hinder the natural rotating of the axle while it flexes.

Rear Axle:
Dodge full width, 1 ton, full floater Dana 60 converted to disc brakes. Has 5:38 gears, 30 spline shafts, and a Detroit locker. It is suspended via stock Ranger leaf springs with a custom, lowered rear hanger (similar to a Chevy mod I've seen). This keeps the springs relatively flat, so they flex better than lift springs.

Dual Transfer Cases:
Behind the stock manually shifted BW1354 t-case is a Jeep Dana 20 t-case with an AA divorce kit installed. This t-case has the passenger side front output, thus the use of the Chevy front axle instead of a Ford. The two t-cases are joined via a short slip-shaft driveshaft assembly. I am working on a twin stick conversion for the D20, so I have more F&R drive options on the trail. With these t-cases and the gearing, my final crawl ratio is 105:1!!!

Due to the centered diff on the rear axle, the driveshaft now hits the gas tank when flexing to one side. The solution - fuel cell. Or shorten the housing on one side - to much $$ for me now though.

Here are some pics:



For more pictures, follow this link:
My Library

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Hey everyone,

Thought I'd bring back an old thread because several people have been asking for pictures and such. Here is a link to the old pictures which are explained in the thread above: