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Great customer service... thanks Ford GYE !!!


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February 25, 2011
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Explorer 2012 3.5 V6 Base
Ok, let me begin by saying that mi 2012 Explorer is waiting for the new steering rack, since It suffered from the "power steering failure" that has been discussed on several threads here.

I live in Guayaquil - Ecuador, and the only Ford Dealer in the city is called "ORGU", well, they just gave me a 2011 Escape Hybrid, with 13K kilometers, as a loaner, until the part arrives and the problem is fixed.

Im not happy at all with the power steering failure on the explorer, but I have to say.... great customer service, they managed to solve my sudden transportation problem pretty well... and at least, they didnt give me a sub compact car.

Now... lets just hope the part gets here soon, and that It will fix the problem permanently.

Gracias ORGU !!!