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Great ride home from the dealer


May 25, 2011
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Buffalo, Mn.
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2011 Limited AWD
Well, the deal went down and I'm now a father of a 4,700 lb. playstation on wheels. As I stated on the newbie thread, I live in Minneapolis and purchased my Explorer from Kocourek Ford in Wausau Wisconsin. I don't regret it either, great dealership and was treated about as good as one could expect and maybe even a little better. Anyways, that's another story for another time. Now onto the new ride. If first impressions mean anything, it proved to leave a good one as soon as I seen it sitting in the delivery bay. It is easy on the eyes, everything just seems to flow together both on the outside and inside. The ride was even better. It's 250 miles from the dealers door to my front door. Even though I was unable to drive the vehicle ( I need handcontrols since I'm paralyzed from the waist down) my wife had the privilege to drive her home, knowing when the handcontrols are installed, she'll never have the chance to drive it again, HA!! Besides, it gave me more time to get familiar with all the bling. Everything worked well and didn't have to punch the screen or touch controls. The ride was smooth, cabin was quiet, and the gas gauge wasn't pissing me off like it did with my F-150. I might have a sipper on my hands instead of a guzzler. I realize it was only 250 miles, but you do get a good idea how the vehicle responds. Only time will tell how things are going to hold up, and what I'm looking forward to is the sub-zero weather and how the electronics are going to act. So far, so good. The design is well appreciated, now hopefully the function is just as good.

Congratulations on your new wheels, and thanks to your son for his service.

Happy Memorial Day. :us:

Congrats on the new ride! Good to hear another positive '11 story! What color did you get?

Congrats on the new ride! Good to hear another positive '11 story! What color did you get?

I started out looking at the black one ( my last 4 vehicles were black) but as soon as I got a glimpse of the Candy Red, black took a backseat to my choice of red. It's definitly not your average slab on red, it really grabs your attention. As soon as I was told that the Candy Red probably won't be available for 2012, that made my decision a little more easy.