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July 23, 2008
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GTA, Ontario
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93 XLT
Hey, I've had my Explorer for about 3 years now and the old thing just keeps on going. It's showing signs of age now but it runs pretty good considering it has 174,000 miles on it.

Found the site through Google, I need some help with my rear brakes, more on that later though.

Cheers, Stu

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Welcome to this forum! What kind of problem are you having with the rear brakes? Some members have over 400k miles so in comparison you don't have as much.

Thanks, I've listed the brake problem in the 91 - 94 Explorer forum and already got some good input - what a great forum!

400,000 miles is incredible!!

Cheers, Stu

Welcome To Explorer Forum! Mine has 190K. Not as impressive as 400, but about half way there.