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Grinding Noise on 02 4x4


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December 24, 2009
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'02 4x4
im new to this site and will do my best to explain my problem.
about a week ago i noticed a grinding noise coming from the drivers side, i figured it was my brakes, changed the brakes and rotors...still a grinding noise.
it grinds when im straight on, but gets worse when i turn.
i already checked my wheel bearings and there isnt any play on them. im going to try rotating the tires, since a lot of forums said this could be the problem.
any tips?


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it could also be your cv shaft joint? or wheel bearing I have seen where bearings grind and still were tight, could be either those:(


Changed my back backs and rotors too. rotated all my tires, no more grinding sound, but i can feel a grind under my feet everytime the wheels turn :(. Someone suggested the drive shaft or transfer case. looks like ill be going to a mechanic to get it checked.

you know what it can be.
i had the same problem ...
driver side tire. noise like metallic clicking.
my brake caliper piston was getting stuck
so instead of the two coming out only one did and the other one stayed half way..
putting uneven pressure on the brake causing it to grind specially when doing turns
what i did was bleed the breaks from any air and sure enough i had a bit of air not enough oil was reaching the other piston
dont know if you have air or the caliper piston is suck like mines but it can be ;)

If it's not the caliper like mentioned, it very well could still be your wheel bearing. I replaced mine because it was VERY loud, I could feel it in steering and even with the tire jack up, I couldn't move the wheel. Changed the wheel bearing and it's good as new. When I was around 30-40mph, I could hear and feel a rumrumrumrum metal noise. Rummed faster as I went faster and slower as I went slower.

Best advice I had was replace both at once, that way you have both done. You can do it yourself with simple handtools and a little bit of time. I changed one side that was easy and the other side was a PITA.