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Grinding Noise


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February 8, 2009
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Cleveland, Ohio
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2003 Ford Explorer Sport
So, whenever my tires are rotating, I hear a grinding noise. I believe the noise is coming from my driver's side rear wheel. The grinding is there while the car is moving, and seems to get worse while I'm braking. Any thoughts as to the cause?

Also, when I'm in 4x4, there is a clanking/banging noise. Generally, while I'm accelerating, everything is fine. However, once I take my foot off the accelerator, that is when the clanking noise happens.

Any thoughts/tips/suggestions? Mostly, I don't want to get hosed at a mechanic.

Here's 3 common things to look out for with the symptoms you're describing. They are relatively cheap, and easy to diagnose:

1. First of all, check your brakes: rotors, pads and e-brake.

2. Check your tires. Make sure they are all the same size, not just their number, make sure they are the same diameter (<1/4" dif) and have simmilar wear.

3. Check the rear bearings. Or better yet, check all the bearings... most likely they are gone or about to go.

PS - Don't use 4x4 on dry pavement.

i have a question, if the wheel bearings are bad in the rear, can you just change the bearings or do you have to change the hub assembly and bearings ?