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Grinding or vibration issues front end


August 28, 2012
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2002 ford explorer sport
I have a 2002 X-Sport; been having a weird vibration/grinding feeling when the steering wheel is slightly turned left or right.....but it is only present when stopped and slowly starts to move it will GRIND/VIBRATE but once moving it will go away. I can feel it in the steering wheel.....any ideas? I am mechanically inclined but can not figure out what to check because it does this in both directions....ONLY when after a stop....does not do it rounding corners while moving or after I get moving....just a few seconds after a stop and wheel is ****ed to the side....any ideas? Could it be the steering pump maybe?

Thanks in advance

2002 X-Sport 115,000 miles; 265/75/16 Guard Dog Mt's from treadwright. Shackle lift in rear and TT twist up front. Please note this issues were present before I went bigger tires...the larger tires did not increase or decrease this issue.

The most common cause from what i've seen is air in the power steering system, that seems to happen alot on this forum.

I tried doing it myself but didnt work....idk maybe i am doing it wrong...ill have to try again this weekend...are the wheels supposed to be on the ground or in air?