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June 9, 2006
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creston nc
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1991 eddie bauer
i have a 1991 ford explorer and i was wonder where is to best place to find a ground in the back of my explorer? i have 2 amp mounted on my back seat. is it ok to ground 2 wires to the same spot?

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I used one of the rear bolts for the rear seats.

seat bolts are not good grounds...If you upgrade the ground straps underneath the sides of the truck than you can ground just about anywhere underneath the rear seats.

Please don't use a seat bolt...90 percent of the time the resistance is too high

Find a factory ground.

i had 3 amp's running in my navajo , all to different seat grounds , but i also took a dremmel and cleaned the paint and etc off !!

All the way back to the battery works every time.