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Guadalupe Canyon 4 Wheeling&Camping at its best!

Ken Cooke

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April 18, 2000
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Riverside, California
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'03 Rubicon - Tomb Raider
Suz and I traveled to Guadalupe Canyon last weekend with Steve and Val Schott of San Diego. They drove their heavy beast [Chevy ZR2] which did surprisingly well out there in the Baja outback. The campground is located midway between Mexicali and Tecate in the foothill region on the perimeter of Parque Constitucion (just below Laguna Hanson). After 27 miles of rocky/washboard roads, you are treated with almost 2 miles of rocky, trails w/arroyo crossings and plenty of salt bushes to add penstriping to your rig. The campsites all feature spring-fed hottubs which are private, so no wierdos to deal with (like in Saline Valley in the Death Valley NP). Check the website to learn more about this amazing 4X4 getaway...