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guage cluster options


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August 16, 2011
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Kennewick, WA
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1991 Mazda Navajo
yeah, i don't really dig the look of the old guage cluster in my 1991 Mazda Navajo. Plus, i dont like how it only goes to 85 then i dont know how fast im going after that. what, if any, other guage clusters would work or be easily modifiable to my dash? I would like to put in one of the cluster set ups that shows the speedometer; tack; temp;oilpress;fuel level;volts. thats everything that mine shows, looking for the guage cluster that comes in the next gen rigs. my sisters 2002 Ford Explorer actually has the cluster set up i would like but im pretty sure it would never work. any ideas?

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Use the small gauges and you can cram a lot of them in your stock location. There are many other styles, even electronic. Find some you like and make 'em match.

This will be way cheaper.

those little ones are an interesting idea, but im not really looking that route. that ford racing stuff looked badass, the only thing missing is a tack. i still want to know how difficult it would be to put in the next gen guage cluster.

I saw the tach sold separately on amazon.

It would be moderately difficult. You would take apart a cluster, make a plastic or aluminum plate that fits inside the case to mount your gauges on. Cut out the current black panel in the cluster. Then figure out where to cut what sized holes in your new cluster panel. Affix it to the cluster case and install the gauges.

I've got a buddy that did it to his Rx7. I wanted to do it too, but have more pressing matters first.

I'll bet if you shopped around and made sure you could find matching, or ones that contrast well, you could save a couple hundred dollars. Like starting with the three gauge panel they have a Autozone and find matching fuel, tack, and speedo.