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guage problems


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September 14, 2006
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Roy WA
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92 XLT
hay guys, im new to the forum but have been checkin it out for a while. my name is andy and i live in washington, i have a 1992 that i got for my first car. i've been driving it now for 3 years and love it but there are a few kinks now that i havent been able to fix. first and the most anoying is my gages seem to come and go, meaning my oil pressure, water temp, fuel, and speedo just go **** up and then later they come back. and when i take it out of 4x4 the passanger side hub sticks. any ideas on whats wrong or how to fix it?

As for gauges... you might want to try to remove the trim around the gauge cluster and instrument cluster itself. Connections might be loose on the plugs that come into the cluster. There are two plugs in there... I can suspect one of them is loose or partialy in. As for the speedo? 92 Explorer doesn't have electronic speedometer... it's still a mechanichal unit so if it's not working then again, I might suspect loose connection at the cluster or worn-out cable???

last but not least - the hub... you might have to take it down and clean it/lube it. Just use ATF fluid - soak it for a bit, draind it and it should be fine like that.
Good luck and welcome to the board!

Roy eh? I'm right next to you in Spanaway. Cheers!

thanx!! i will try that. i didnt know that about the speedo, i will check the cable.