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Guessing it's the headlight switch.

Blacksheep Josh

July 31, 2006
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Statesboro, GA
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'01 Ford Ranger, RIP 93 X
Few months back, my dash lights stopped working. So I replaced the fuse and they worked for about 4 months. Occasionally I'd have to wiggle the headlight switch juuuuuuuuust right to have headlights and dash lights, but I got used to it.

Now the dash lights have gone out, and so have night time running lights all around. The only lights I have still that work are brake lights when brakes applied, hazard flashers, turn signals, and head lights.

Basically I'm just missing the caution/running lights, you know, when you pull the headlight switch just one notch out, doesn't turn on headlights but everything else?

I've read through the forums, and I'm going to replace the headlight switch tomorrow. Everytime I try to put a new fuse in for the dash lights, it keeps blowing out. I've gone up to 30amp and nada, so I'm hoping it's the switch and not a short somewhere.

Anybody have any other thoughts I might not have covered?

Hey, Josh...I believe you and I communicated over this issue when you originally had your light problem...I believe I joked about hoping you had a fire extinguisher. Anyway, I'm sure a new switch will solve the problem, and see if your old one isn't deformed from heat when you pull it out, like mine was.
Good luck.:usa:

It could be the switch or wiring, you won't know until you start taking things apart.. Never replace any fuse with a higher rating.. The fuse is designed to protect the vehicle wiring thus using a higher rated fuse will cause the wire harness to overheat and potentially catch on fire..

Well I bought the headlight switch, which was only 15 dollars. Replacing it was super easy, except when I put in the new switch, same old problem was happening...

So I made sure all the fuses were good, and fiddled with the switch some and figured out was happened. Looked like a short possibly happened, so I replaced one of the connectors for the wires, hooked it up and now everything is working. Even used some electrical tape to make sure it stays nice and tight.

Now onto the rear window bearings...