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H.I.D. simulating bulb test and review..

Hello everyone, This isn't a write up but rather more of a product review! I made the mistake of going out and going crazy buying differant bulbs for my explorer till i got what i wanted.. I wanted a H.I.D. imitation.... now I CAN say, for the money i spent experimenting with differant bulbs, I could have easily bought a cheap REAL H.I.D. kit..

I'm going to stress this right now... if you want your lights to really look like HIDs... go out and buy a HID kit, your never going to get the perfect hid like light no matter what.... if you want to be close enough and have a nice tint to your lights,, read on. some frown upon these kind of HID simulator lights, but all i can say is to each there own prefferance...

My experiment went like this... hang in there... it's LONG! scroll to the end if ya wanna skip my blabbering for some pictures. :cool:

I always knew about the silverstars, I had them in my jeep (sealed beam type, rather than bulbs) They definetly made a differance in my jeep. But they had a sale on cool blues ($30, rather than $40)... So i picked some up, thinking.... well they're called cool blues, though i'd maybe get a slight blue tint to them (NOT ricer blue! just a slight blue tint in the white light).

they were nice lights, and definetly brighter than the stockers (which were regular sylvania 9004 hologens...which actually weren't too bad.. so i kept them as spares) but I didn't get what i wanted..

Picked up a set of silverstar ultras.. $50 VERY bright i must say! but still not what i was looking for...

by now thats almost $100... No big deal, although I should have asked around more!! searching on this forum helped, but there wasn't enough threads explaining the color outputs, or hardly ANY pictures... so I kept on with my search...

Picked up a set of Pilot Xenon 'cyber white' blubs from wallmart. came in the little hard plastic case. now i must admitt, these bulbs were only $20 and they were DAMN BRIGHT.... compatable with the silverstars IMHO... but i'm sure the silverstars are still a couple shades brightter...

anyways those pilots gave me a nice white light, and a SLIGHT purpleish tint in the corners... but not what i wanted.. (For the $20 though i'd definetly buy em again, good alternative to $40-$50 silverstars, even if they aren't as bright, they're close....at least to the eye and surroundings.. :thumbsup: )

SO.... finally... I was in pep-boys picking up my flowmaster I ordered and I decided to take a stop in the lighting section (my girlfriend was ready to kill me at this point haha).... they had everything i had aready tried... I asked up at the counter if they had any differant bulbs and they directed me to the 'NEON light and accesory isle' so i'm thinking, oh great.... this is going to be full of dulled out coated purple and retard blue ricer lights. Now I DID want a SLIGHT blue tint to my lights, BUT i didn't want retardedly blue beam... ricer lights that put off Horrible light...

I was right for the most part about the selection... but then I came accross a pair of 9004 American Auto Accessories '3-A Racing Performance' Crystal Hyper White Xenon bulbs.. now the wattage is 65/45w but i can honestly say these appear brighter and way higher quality than any of the lights i tried, including the silverstars.... HOWEVER... the light output on the street and surroundings is no where as good as the silverstars... but it's not horrible either. these lights are more for looks, than actually lighting performance..... but they aren't useless like most coated bulbs. according to the package they are REAL 4200º K!

now, for a note... they say for off-road use only.. Honestly I think thats rediculous and they don't blind you oncoming, no where as bad as the newer cars even with there regualr hologen bulbs.... HIDs are another story, I feel like i'm looking at a UFO coming down the street or 747 Landing lights on some HID equipped cars... they're rediculous! haha.. anyways, I mean if you decide to go with them- do at your own risk because I guess they are for off-road use only, howver i've driven by a few cops, even followed one at night just to see if he said anything (I had my 'COOL-BLUE' package in the truck still, that says '100% street legal') so i figured i'd show him that if he decided to let me pass him so he could pull me over.

I'm a little aggravted because these were $50 and if you add these and all the other bulbs I tried, like said before I could easily have a cheap H.I.D. kit... definetly going to still do a HID upgrade but I guess that will have to wait! but over all I'm very happy with these bulbs, had them in a full day/night and already have gotten many comments, even a few asking if i had HIDs... (but obviously they weren't too lighting educated,.... HIDS are in a league of there own!! and while my light is VERY bright white with a hint of blue.... it's NO WHERE near anything a true HID would put out.

but for those of you interested in simulated HID w/ blue tint without the pricetag. or without doing what i did and experimenting with various lights till you get what you want.. give these a shot! :thumbsup: :cool:

enough talking! picture time... :thumbsup: :cool:

heres what the case looks like...


edit, those aren't the 3A bulbs in that case, those are just the old Pilots just put em in there to keep em safe. :thumbsup: the 3A bulbs themselfs have a blue coating over them.. will get pictures of the bulb themselfs up if wanted.

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They look pretty bright Doitbig...

But is there a chance where you can take a picture of it on a dark roadway? and also with the hi-beams on... Sorry to ask so much but, last week while coming back to Brooklyn from Long island on the southern state pkwy, there are no lights at all on the road, and it was about 3am in the mourning and I could not see anything on the road unless I turned on the Hi-beams, so I'ma get this done asap.

Definitely, I'll get on it tomorrow :salute:


Haven't been able to. I'll get it ASAP.

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I ordered Nokya Arctic White Headlights from Advance Auto Parts. I ordered them for headlights, bright lights, and fog lights except I had to put bright light bulbs in the fog lights because they didn't have any H10 bulbs. I have and 03 explorer and these are VERY BRIGHT bulbs. Have only had these for a week but would definitely recommended them. They were recommended to me by the staff at Advance. These are probably about as bright as you can get without an HID kit.

I'll second that. I have Silverstar in my headlights, and Nokya hyper yellows in my fogs, and I have to say the Nokya blows the silverstar away!

went with the silver star ultras when i bought my explorer. very bright. wanted the bluish tint. so, went with hid conversion. bought it on ebay for about 65.00. i made an offer that the seller accepted. when it gets here and installed i will post some pics. looking forward to great lighting for my trip to florida next week

Still sticking with the Sliverstar Ultras, got them for $25 off ebay, last year and its been running fine, it's nothing serious but the light is white, but also thinking about getting a HID kit, either now from ebay or from the Englishtown swap meet.

installed the new hid conversion kit with 8000k bi-xenon bulbs. geez these are bright. pain in the butt to install, but very worth it. they came with no instructions, but found instructions by typing "installation instructions for hid headlights in cars" in the bing search engine. very bright and the bluish tint i was looking for:exp:

check my album for pics of my new lighting upgrades. can't get them to load into my posts

You know..people are going to start thinking I'm a plant for V-leds.com...but I'm not.

Last November,I ordered the V-LEDs HID Kit for about $150 and installed it in my 93 Ford E-150.
SH+T it's bright..even in daylight I'm getting people flashing their lights at me. (I did upgrade the headlights to euro/clear lens and left the headlight as exactly as stock according to the garage wall)
I had the pull the HIDs out though because I put the signal wire(connects to the headlight plug) on the passenger side because of the cramped engine compartment space and battery tray..but maybe if it quits raining,I'll put the signal plug on the driver side,like the instructions say so..

The V-LEDS HID kit(in 5,000K white/daylight) is well worth it..there's a relay,all the wiring,instructions and it's packaged in a nice box.

I'm running the Silverstars until I get the HID wiring done right and they are decent,brighter than stock definitely and I highly recommend going to a Euro/Clear headlight.

I found a euro/clear headlight assembly for sale online,but its spendy.

Now I don’t mean to sound like a d*ck, but why would you brag that your headlights are blinding people- even in the daytime? Perhaps aim your headlights down so other people can drive safely around you?

My big pet-peve is when people install these HID kits and think it’s “cool” when they blind me at night. This is why I did it the “right” way and installed true projectors (E46 BMW). They direct all the light to where I need it- PLUS I don’t blind people.

Anyway- good to always post about reputable companies. I too have been burned by ebay sellers and their cheap products

My HIDs are still working great. have not had a problem with other people flashing me because the lights are in their eyes. one of the best investments i have made for my truck

What do you guys mean when you say "kit"?
I would like to convert my stock headlamps to Xenon bulbs,so isn't it just 2 bulbs to replace?
What exactly is included in these "kits",and are they necessary?

Hid lighting

Contains lights, wiring harness, balasts. I did not convert the light housing
Just the lights within

Luminic's Bulbs also might be worth looking into...

I installed them in my Low's after having 8K HID's, and the ( if your into the look ) color is pretty good, and brightness isnt bad at all. right now though i desperatly need my headlights aimed, and will prob get better results...

HID kit

I have 10000K hi-low bulbs in my 07 ST. They flicker a little, and was wondering if anyone would know if I should change the fuses for the headlights. The stock fuses are 20A, and Im not sure if I should go higher or not, maybe 25A or even 30A, but havent been able to find any answers. Can anyone give me some advice?

Get yourself a harness for your headlight circut and plug your HIDs into that.
Dont need to increase fuse Amps. Not good for you.......

HID kit

Thanks Bill, i looked into that and found some from the same place I got kit from, I think they were like 9 bucks or something. Is that too cheap for a relay harness, or should I look elsewhere? Again thanks for the info

Can anyone tell me anything about Hipro Power 8000K HID Xenon Conversion Kit for 2001-2003 Ford Explorer Sport? Are they any good? I want to install HID Kit 8000K on my wife's 03>>>>>

ok, have been running my HID kit for three years without a problem.. purchased them on ebay.. not the most expensive set, but they have worked for me.. they're the bi-Xenon, but rarely use the brights.. low beam seems to be enough.. 8000K.. easy to install and used the OEM light housing..

I have 3000K in my low fogs and highs and I have had nothing but HID's in my expo and I will never go back to stock lol.

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