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H20 in cylinder 8!


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February 18, 2008
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`05 Explorer limited
First and foremost this is a great forum for enthusiast like myself. i just spent 45min just looking around, almost for got i had a question to ask.

now for the help i need. not sure if anyone has had this issue but here is whats up.

05 explorer limited v8. started running rough and a few days later the cel came on.
i brought it to autozone they checked the codes, misfire cyl 8 below 1800rpm.
2 days later i brought it to my mechanic, he was baffled to find water in the 8th cyl. he pressure tested the lines and the engine, noleaks. sealed everything back up drained the water. drove for a day. brought it back to mechanic the next day for a check up, condensation in the cyl. wiped clean drove on a 3000mile trip from nh to fl, and back no probs, back in nh for a week and a half, starting to act up again, cel came on last night.
mechanic not sure whats going on and i am clueless.

any help would be awesome.