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Had a tune up done

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August 3, 2019
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2008 Sport Trac Limited
Took my wife's 2008 S/T Limited in for a tune up this week. Had a new fuel filter put in it, and MY 2008 Adrenalin about a week ago.

New plugs, wires and boots. Seems to start easier. She said it runs better. Will have to check mileage, just out of curiosity. Not really expecting much, BUT a guy can hope !!

May have mine tuned up too. I'm not sure when it was done. IF at all.

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I talked to the tech that replaced the plugs and wires, yesterday, and he said that all of the parts he replaced were the original parts. ALSO said, the plugs were hard to get out. (By the way, the truck has 140K on it).

If your limited has a V8, I am not surprised that removing the plugs was a pain. They have a tendency to break off and leaving the end in the cylinder head. Getting them out requires using a special tool. Hopefully he replaced them with plugs that have the updated design that doesn't have this issue.

WE have "2" 2008 ST. My wife's, (the one that received the tune-up), is the 4.0. AGSF24NX plugs. (This is what is on the ticket).

He said they were in bad shape !! He also said that he didn't break any getting them out, but they were in there tight !!!!!!!!

MY 2008 is a Adrenalin with the 4.6. The previous owner tuned it up 15,000 miles ago.

The 4.6 is a coil on plug engine? Don’t let them charge you for wires and boots? Instead they should consider changing the coils

IIRC, sometimes the boots get stuck on with the coil on plug engines, get damaged and you need new ones. IIRC they aren't that expensive so I'd have spares when doing a plug job, and just keep the coils unless it's going to be used on long trips then maybe replace as a preventative measure.