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Had to remove instrument cluster 03 explrr


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June 24, 2010
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Phoenix, Arizona
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2003 Explorer 4.6LV8 4x4
Working on a leak in my A/C system; I was pretty much forced to remove the entire dash/instrument cluster to get at the front evaporartor core. Fixed the leak; got the dash back in...almost. Two things: the gas guage and compass no longer work and the Door ajar, seatbelt, and check gage are all lit up. Are they all on the same fuse or something? Is there a way to reset them? Did I inadvertantly do something to damage the instrument cluster that would necessitate its replacement? I hope not... Any help is appreciated! I'm at a loss here or maybe i'm just burnt out...Been working in 110 degree + heat for several days now and I'm at the end of my rope.:(

Also power doorlocks are not working?? What the heck did I DO?!

Heat stroke?

I went back under the dash and discovered I had left a single plug unplugged; for those who may have this problem in the future it was the PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System) plug that goes into the back of that little "theft indicator light" on the top center of the dash... (oddly the plug is identical to the one for the 4x4 select switch and is bundled in almost the same location [behind the stereo] the 4x4 plug has green tape on it)...now all I have to do is flush the coolant system and charge-up the A/C...good luck to me:D

It's summertime...keep your Explorer and your body hydrated!

Thanks to anyone and everyone who helped out!