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Half shaft


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October 12, 2005
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Buffalo, NY
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'03 XLT
Hey all,

I plan on replacing all ball joints and tie rod ends in a few weeks. Changed the oil on the Ex last weekend only to find a torn boot on the driver's side half shaft. Since I'll pretty much have everything ripped apart, should i just replace the whole thing or can i get by with cleaning it up and just replacing and re-packing the boot? Thanks for the help!!!

Since you will have all the control arm and tie rod off, i would just go ahead and replace it, you can pick up a new axle from rockauto for around $40 to $50 as opposed to just a boot for $20.

Agreed. With all that stuff apart you are talking about an extra 10 minutes' worth of work, assuming the axle comes out of the differential without much trouble.

Probably should grab yourself a new seal for the front differential in case you damage the original when removing the axle.