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Hammers 5.0, AOD and 5.0 Atlas Swap

Here is a list of what I have put together over the years.
A 5.0 Atlas on the way, $2,300 with shifters and 31spline shafts
An AOD at Hughes performance getting rebuilt and having the advance adapters output shaft and case adapter installed. $1,400.00
Advance adapters 4 core radiator $300.00
Advance adapters motor mounts $75.00
92 Mustang GT motor ready for install with computer and full harness.
Ford wiring diragrams will arive Friday and we will start the swap after we finish a friends 5.0 HO with C6 transmission swap in his 71 Bronco.
More updates to come....

Dannyboy didnt you get that Autofab Gen I yet???