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Hand throttle (would this be dumb)


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July 11, 2002
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1993 XLT
Hey all, as some of you know i'm gonna be putting a hand throttle in my explorer. I am gonna use a bike shifter just like DerickC. I have a number of "grip shift" shifters in a box in on my floor. Would it be dumb to use this type of shifter. I thought of two possible ways to mount them

Key to my sad ascii art:
== : grip shift
- : shifter shaft
O : shift knob

1) Install the shifter on the shaft wouldn't stick out just under the shifter knob, like this: ---==-O

2) Or get a small piece of pipe (possible pvc painted black) and mount it at a right angle to the shaft.
Like this:

I know my attemps at ascii art are pityful but hopefully you get the idea. ANY and ALL opinions are more than welcomed!!!


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I think the problem with a gripshift style would be that it would lock on. Is that what you had in mind? Or would it be free twisting? I think if you made a mock up you'd find it easier to release a traditional bike shift style handle than a grip shift style. How about a brake handle? I've never used a hand throttle...and I don't have much experience. But I would be afraid of a hand throttle what would lock on. One that I could control by squeezing (bike brake lever) would make me more comfortable.

That's my concern too, if it would be cumbersome to use. I would LOVE to use a hand brake (have some of those too :)) but the only problem is I want to have both hands free. If someone can come up with a good way to lock the hand brake into a position i'd do it. The only idea that flashed in my head was to take a thin rubber washer, disassemble the break lever and wedge it in the piviot point. The rubber and added added friction would hold the brake in a position...hmm i might do alittle experiment with that. Any thoughts? Looking forward to hearing more comments!


You're better off spending the $6 on a SIS shifter. I've got one mounted in my Sammy.


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I very well might do that. Just seeing if I could use what I already have on hand. I did goto Menards though and I got a couple rubber washers from the plumbing section. Took my brake lever apart, removed two plastic spacers and the retract spring. Used some dish soap and reassembled the lever with the rubber washer. It seems to hold pretty well, and after the dish soap dries i think it might get alittle tighter. But I think I might try it anyway, while I was there though I got the other parts that will be required to finish it so i'm out 45 cents if my brake lever doesn't work ;). Anyone else have any opinions? I think it might work...if not the sis shifter is going on. Just gathering opinions :)


Dumb or not....it's been done

Hey all just thought i'd let you know what progress I made. Here's what I did. Like I said above I modified the brake lever by wedging a rubber wassher in the place of the retractor spring (it holds great!). I pulled the shifter boot down abit and mounted the break lever. I then ran the cable through the fire wall (i need to modify the plug so I can seal it up again). I then used a hose clamp to secure the outer cable (exactly the same way DerickC did his). I then used a crimp thing and made a loop, and ran a ball chain to the throttle and hooked it up (the ball chain is to prevent binding) I then used some zip ties to clean it up abit. It works really really good, It did get stuck once but I just had to adjust the hose clamp. I can rev it up to 2500-3000 rpm. I also ran though all the gears to make sure it wouldn't pull any and rev it up. Seems to work great, I haven't drivin it yet so my opinion might change but I think it's pretty good. Anyway it's on and it works! I'll get some pics up eventually :)


Now! ;)

Well instead of starting a new thread I thought i'd update you all on my hand throttle project. The hand break worked great, but I was affraid it could be dangerous since it would have been very easy accendentally hit it. So I did exactly what JDraper did/suggested, I like it alot better. I went to a local bike shop an old man runs out of his garage and get an SIS rear shifter, it has 5 positions, and it works great, On the third position I can set the rpm's at 3000, i haven't tried the 4th or 5th...i don't have the guts to do it when in neutral :). Anyway it works great...just thought i'd give you all an update. I have a pic that will get posted eventually of how it all looks (and a really nice flex shot too).

Anyway later!