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Handheld Multi-Purpose Pump Sprayer Converstion


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January 26, 2006
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Torrance, CA
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2009 XLT, 1999 XL (RIP)
Has anyone converted the small handheld multi-purpose pump sprayer, like the one we usually see at Home Depot, for the purpose of pumping gear oil in the transfer case or differential? There are information about converting the larger sprayer on Youtube, but just wonder if the smaller pump can handle the thicker oil.

It's easy to find gear oil in flexible pouches now - that's what I used on my front and rear diff and I didn't have any issues with access. It was a little slower than I would have liked but considering the time I saved by not having to clean a pump I probably came out ahead.

I have used this to fill both rear ends on my Explorer and worked well. $6.87 at Walmart.


Thanks, guys, for your input. I have been using the hand pump from Harbor Freight for the gear oil. I'll look for the pump that Blackhawkxx suggests that fits the wide-mouth bottle. I am trying to make it easier to hold the pump, bottle, and pump the fluid at the same time when the truck is on the lift.