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Happy New Year ya'll!


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August 29, 2003
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Forked River, NJ
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1995 Eddie Bauer
I'd like to be the first to wish all of you a happy and safe New Year......Currently, I'm getting drunk, but I hope you all are celebrating in a safe and happy way.....I know I'm PARKED for the night! Everyone have fun, and see you on the flip-side!

Love, BH!

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ahhh...bah humbug. im starting the new year off at work. y'all be safe, especially if youre in tucson, i dont need anyone waking me up to scrape parts off the road.

let me guess burning up.. you are a firefighter?

be safe... dont drink and drive.... and if tired dont drive either... my second cousin who was 22 died on christmas day @ 3am due to foul weather conditions and possibly lack of sleep... her car veered off the road and hit a tree... her bf, the driver is alive, but in critical condtion.....

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that! Like I said, I'm parked......but please be responsible while you're out there! I'm having a quiet night by myself..what are you all up to?

We're not doing much tonight. Plan to stay up and watch the ball drop in NY on TV since we're 3000 miles away. Can't drink but will have fun anyway. Probably stay up late watching movies. i.e. Indiana Jones box set DVD.

Im very sorry to hear that to. Im just drinking staying at home visiting my parents (they live in walking distance) im back here now. I wish everyone a safe holiday and a Happy New Year!!!

Us too... we almost jumped out to a quick party but she's not feeling well, and it was a killer day or two for both of us... then come to find out she has to work half a day tomorrow.
My parents are here from Florida, along with my nephew from NY... so we took them out to eat, and I had a few margaritas, and have a bottle of champagne in the fridge for when they drop the pickle/goat/sled/... around here. heh
Timesquare smimesquare. :P

But I am with them in the living room on my new laptop, wireless. :bounce:

Times ticking on ya east coast. It's about time ya'll become men. (ball dropping thing)

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!

Here's to a happy, healthy New Year to all! Enjoy.

Well, Iguess it's official here. Just got to see three different towns in Illinois and one in Wisconsin do their fireworks. All from the front window. They looked tiny but still cool.

I don't drink but here :chug: