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Happy owner of '92 Explorer

Engine, gearbox and diff service (oil change, filters, brake fluid and so on).
Refurbished rims and new AT tires.
Few bushins replaced (I made a video tutorial and posted it in Stock Explorer 91-94)

After all this, I started driving it more often and I love it so much that I have sold one of my other cars (a 2008 Audi A6 Allroad).
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That is a great shot in the vineyard with the picnic on the hood.
Great truck, you have done a lot of nice work to it, good for you!

Just got this radio for my Explorer, but I can't use it right now as I don't have the proper connector and I can't seem to find it anywhere back here.

Also, I have found another one, but the former owner said it doesn't work. I hope I'll be able to fix it or find someone that can.
This one:

I saw that both where fitted to the Explorer, but I have no idea which is better.

What does the stereo ur running look like now...aftermarket?

On the 91/92 explorer it's this type

The original style with the knobbies would be compatible.

The car came with Premium audio, but by the time it got to me, the connectors were cut and replaced with some universal ISO. I have managed to get a pair of connectors (like the ones in your picture, because they are more common in Europe) and put in a European Ford radio.
Now I hope to find the original 8pin square connector (for the speakers) as I already have the straight one for the power.


I need a little bit of help. Can anyone help me with some photos from a 1st gen Explorer spare wheel support? Mine had none (to make room for the LPG tank) and now I'm trying to put one together. I don't know if the wheel is held in place only by that cable-wire or if there is another safety or something. Thanks!
PS: some photos under the truck would be great.
CImage (3).png

Hey. Not just a cable. Perhaps this picture will help you

I found the First Gen brochures and I see that one of the radios is on the '91-'92 model and the other one on the '93-'94. Unfortunately I don't have the code for the first one (don't even know if it is code protected), the one that is supposed to be functional.

You will need the factory plugs, I don't think they are code protected but could be wrong... To make things more complicated theirs 2 different wiring possibilities

Premium sound or not?

Premium sound.
Luckily I have the wiring diagram (found some old manuals that help a lot), but I don't have the connector and can't find it anywhere.
This one:

(The small, square, one. Not the 8pin straight one cause I have that one.)

Just saying the rectangle one should turn it on... I searched everywhere for the square one ( even took radio out of my 91) nothing back there I trashed it...ugh anyways that is like the rca connections just to the premium sound amps in the back of the truck... The radio should still power on without that. Old explorers at the junkyard are like everywhere out here / usually stripped to the bone but I'll keep an eye out.

Just trying to help do u have jbl subwoofer in the back?

Wiring the premium sound is like making a spiderweb

First Gen Explorer are not to be found around here and the Second Gen has a different connector.
I don't thnik I have the JBL subwoofer, but I know for sure I have the amp in the rear right panel.

Yea u have premium sound without the audiophile package... Kinda threw me off with it being Eddie Bauer 4dr idk but mine came with the jbl they should both be same connection...ive seen xlt have it too but base 2dr sports seem to be totally different.

U would see it in the trunk says jbl
Anyways... The stock deck...and amp...bad news for you...my honest advice is that their both filled with electrolyte capacitators and mosfet semiconductors.... Both are only good for about 20 /25 years max if you do get it going with a factory radio and that amp it's going to sound blown no matter what you do..its the sad sad truth with car audio components :frown: just a heads up... It will power on but as far as sounding good...thats another story.

The pigtail is not available I will search at the junk yards but it's a very rare part...if I find it I'll send it out.free no selling

Here is a pic of my 92 Sport--the badge says "Ford Audio Sytsems JBL"

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I don't have that JBL badge and for now I have to postpone the radio as I don't have the OM connector and, also, both radios does not seem to work. I'll try to repair them in the next couple of weeks.