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Happy owner of '92 Explorer

Happy new year, guys, and a few updates:
Although working great in the last couple of months, the Explorer started acting funny with me recently. First, the front left caliper got stuck while on my way to a little New Year Trip. Managed to fix it on the side of the road firts with few hammer knoks, then with takeing off the caliper and put some grease on the cylinder. After that it worked just fain, but the next day the front right started to fade and the car steer hard left under breaking. It was a one day onlyu issue and may be caused by overheating.
I order the parts from RockAuto (hope they will arrive soon) and I'll change the front cylinders, gaskets, hoses and pads (wanted to change the rotors too, but can't find them in Europe and are very expensive to be ordered from US - rotors are cheap, but transport is like over 100$ for one...). Also, I ordered the drum pads and rear cylinders to service the rear brakes too. I'll try to make a video about the brakes as I have made about the radius arm bushin.
After that, I'll change the tie rods (they are in the same package as the brakes) and I'll have to order (cause I forgot about it when I placed the order) the O2 sensor as I don't thing the 12MPG while cruising is normal.


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Here are a few photos of the Explorer that I took today. It's a little beaten up, but I'll try to fix it one small step at a time.
Very Nice. One step at a time is the way to go.

When today to see my second Explorer (the one for parts) and it is not looking so good. I didn't see it before today and I was hoping it could be rebuild, but it is not: no gas tank, no rear drive shaft, no shock absorbers, missing left headlight, both rear lights and so on.
The good news is that I got the 4x4 shift motor, module and switch and managed to make it work. Also, the windshield washer pump is working (and now fitted on Eddie).
Still no 4x4, but I hope I'll solve it in the next few days.
That plastic stop on the gear selector was toast.

Managed to put the spare wheel in place (and the whinch), but I forgot to take some pictures. Also, I passed all the road tests, but for some reason I had a waiting time for almost 2months until registration (and license plates). Only 2 weeks left right now, I can barery wait to take the Explorer for a first trip.
Meanwhile, in order to have a lower tax for it (~150$/year instead of the more than 2000 $/year) I made it a utility van (no back seats). After registration, I'll take a risk and put the back seats into the car.
I encountered (I think it is) a problem: while shifting fron N to OD (or D), I can feel a powerful shock and the car moves a little like it. If I shift to R it does not do that. Any ideas what could it be? (I don't know what to search for on the forum)
Holly crap look at that fuel tank!!! never seen a LP explorer..

Some news:
1. I managed to find the time to do a partial front brakes overhaul after a seized piston on the new year trip. I made a video, posted on youtube () and also made a topic about it (in case someone needs it).
2. I enjoy the Explorer so much that I bought another one. I already had an incomplete one, for spares, so I bought another 1st gen and I'll try to make one from both of them.
Until now I unlocked the rear brakes (they were stuck), but I can't start the engine. Started a few times right after I bought it, but not anymore. I changed the sparks today (the old ones were very black and moist), but still no start.


Hello, guys!
My second Explorer still won't run as it should. I have replaced:
- spark plugs
- spark plugs wires
- fuel injection regulator
- MAF sensor
- IAC Valve
- fuel filter
(air filter is clean)
After it, it will start 50% of the time (usually at my second try), it will idle ok, but will choke at a sudden throttle. If I (very) gently accelerate, it runs well. My guess now goes to the fuel pump, but I can't seem to find one in Europe and I'll have to order it from US.
Does any of you know if a fuel pump from a second gen 4.0 OHV or SOHC will work? Those are more often found in the junk yards around here.

Premium sound.
Luckily I have the wiring diagram (found some old manuals that help a lot), but I don't have the connector and can't find it anywhere.
This one: View attachment 325767
(The small, square, one. Not the 8pin straight one cause I have that one.)

Need this? Was snipped out of a '91.

Yes, that is the part impossible to find in whole Europe.

Update on my Explorer:
I found an OEM radio and now is installed.
Also, I hope I'll be able to paint it next month so I repaired some dents and the rocker panels on both side (a lot of rust at the rear). I'm still thinking about the gearbox. I have a spare one, but I don;t know nothing about it. The plan is to have the spare one taken for a rebuild and after that to put it on the car.

IMG_20220607_192530.jpg IMG_20220609_085633.jpg IMG_20220609_085605.jpg IMG_20220607_182345.jpg IMG_20220609_085617.jpg