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Happy to be here on the forums. 4th Explorer!


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May 25, 2014
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2012 Ford Explorer XLT
Hi. Very happy to be here on the forums. Have just recently purchased my 4th Explorer and I'm excited to learn more about this new vehicle and help contribute as well. I have a 2012 Explorer XLT fully loaded with Synch/ NAV, leather, V6 and all the other goodies. It's been a long road to here since getting rid of my Expedition. It was a beautiful Eddie Bauer in the copper color and treated me very well. Just couldn't do the size and poor gas mileage any longer.
Have lots of questions I will be posting on the new one. It has a tow package and I run two trailers. One for my Harley (7x12) enclosed V-nose and a 5x10 utility trailer.
When I'm running the 5x10 utility trailer empty do I need to have the vehicle in tow mode? Seems a waste. Does the tranny cooler still function whether the two more is selected or not. What is the difference? O/D gears?


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November 11, 2005
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Welcome to this forum! Always tow in low gear, and never tow in overdrive. What's the weight of the trailer when it's empty? The cooler cools when the internal thermostatic control in the valve body opens to allow fluid to flow into the cooler.