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Hard Cold Start, Rough Idle Till Warm


January 9, 2003
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Los Angeles, CA
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1994 Limited Edition
Hey y'all, I've searched and searched the forums (and thanks for all the info over the years!) and found many similar type problems and solutions but not exactly like mine.

My 94 Limited started having cold start problems this week. It would start, then stall...the RPMs are real low, 300 or so. If I try to drive it sputters and catches, sputters more. The battery indicator will move as well...it will be low as its sputtering, but rise when I give it some gas. If I keep revving it slightly the engine will correct its self in a couple minutes and the battery gauge is back at its proper level. The different thing than other with similar problems is its always a cold start. After its driven, then shut off for a while its fine to start afterwards.

I have cleaned the MAF, cleaned the IAC, cleaned battery posts, air filter. After I did all that the next morning it was fine...I thought it was the MAS or the IAC, but then the following morning it went back to sputtering.

I have yet to check the gas filter, but I'm thinking it might be the Fuel relays.

Anyone else with this specific cold start/ battery fluctuation problem?

Thanks for reading!