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hard start crazy fuel pressure


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May 3, 2008
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vancouver washington now i reside in hawaii
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91 xlt 4 door 13inch lift
hay guys my 90 ranger is being weird iv asked friends and coworkers and now one can give me an answer.

the problem im having is you have to cycle the key about 5 times to get enoghf fuel presher for it to start. Ok now i thought regulator so i got out mu gadges and what i found has me stumped.

When you turn the key on it builds 3 pounds now cycle that a few times get up about 15 pounds and it will start. After it starts the pump builds to 70 pounds, like the regulator isnt returning but if you shut it off it drops to 10 pounds instantly and is 0 pound in about a min.

i know the regulator has got to be shot,I bought a new reg and pump havnt put them in yet. a friend told me injecters.

so if any one has had this prob or insight pleas help

the truck is a 90 ranger with the 2.9, 5speed, extra cab, 4x4

i also bought filter

It sounds like you have the right idea,exceipt don't buy any more parts untill you look in a repair book to see what the full pressure is,booth ways key-on and running. I would say that when it is getting to the 70 lbs.,that is problably correct. The low pressure may be because the relay for the pump is getting weak.You may be able to switch relays with another under the hood,but be sure that they booth have the same partnumber,if this does not make a differance change your regulator. please let us know what happend. D.L.M.Sr.