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Hardware sizes


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September 25, 2008
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connellsville pa
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1997 sport SOHC 4.0
I'm doing a 4 door leaf pack swap with shackles and AAL and the TT up front.
I need some assistance on bolt sizes. I am getting all new grade 8 hardware.

So far i have found:

-Frame bushings: F57Z 5A546 AA, Ill climb under and see if the bolts budge before I order them. If I use a torch they will be trashed.

-Center bolt for spring pack: 2 grade 8 machine bolts, 2.5" long x 3/8", hex head and nuts

-Longer bolts for the torsion bars: M12-1.75 x 100mm at fastenal: http://www.fastenal.com/web/products...ex?sku=0121852

-I cannot find what sizes to get for the front spring hanger, or the rear shackle(top into the frame and the bottom into the leaf pack). All I could find was that the shackle bolts were 14mm, no length given. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Also, do I just order new U bolts from ford? I'm guessing mine are going to be too bad to reuse.

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when i did mine i just went to the dealer and ordered them up, it was easy, , they already had the sizes,, and they came with the locking tabs on the nuts,,

when i did mine i just went to the dealer and ordered them up, it was easy, , they already had the sizes,, and they came with the locking tabs on the nuts,,

Thought about doing that, but I was worried they would want my first born child them(even though I have no kids). Thats why I was going to hit up a hardware store or somewhere. I guess I should just head in there and price it up...I might as well get the cruise control recall done and kill two birds with one stone.

well, the bolts are not cheap, but the safety factor is great,, and tempered bolts are probably about the same, once you figure in the nuts too ,

Thanks, I'll report back with findings. If I cant get down there Friday morning it will have to be next week. I'll have to follow up on my job application for the 2nd time. I was told they were going to call me for the part time lot attendant spot. The cold weather has me in no sort of rush to get under my car haha

Its been awhile, still haven't ordered the bolts. Its getting warm out so its time to get ready to put new shocks, leafs, shackles on.

So....last call, anyone know the bolt sizes for the leafs, or lower shock bolt sizes? I can get all the bolts/nuts and 2 frame bushings for about 80 from tousley ford, the vendor on here. Rockauto also has the shackle bolts/nuts. I can get those 4 for $30, but I would still need to figure out the front hanger bolt and shock bolt.

I know I should just order the damn bolts, but its hard to stomach $80 for a pile of hardware, its not very rewarding...just trying to pinch a penny where I can.

I did my 2000 2yrs ago. Frame bushings will have to be cut flush with frame and drove out and the the new are pressed in. I used a Harbor Freight 3-in1 kit.
Front spring bolt is 14mm x 120mm part No. 334-790
Frame bushing for shackle part No. RB117

Price checked everywhere. Toulusy ford had the best prices. All 6 spring bolts/nuts, lower shock bolts/nuts and the frame bushings. 73 shipped.